Are Rental Property Management Software worth it?



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Many people keep asking the same question repeatedly, "Does the property rental management software do the same job that they boast off?"
Well, to me, they do. Here are the top reasons that clear my perception:

1. Property management software are efficiency-oriented.
2. They're completely transparent.
4. Helps to determine their revenue tactics.
5. Simple interface enhance their flexibility.
5. It enables you to do real-time monitoring and tracking.

What's your catch?


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Personally I've always used Alphaletz as my go-to Property Management Software, it pretty much does everything I need it to plus more.

It's efficient, sure. I've managed to practically cut my monthly spend in half considering I was previously using costly accountancy packages.

On top of that, the interface has been incredibly easy to use without any hiccups whatsoever.

In regards to real time monitoring, sure. I can check who and who hasn't paid rent on particular dates and with the mobile app it's easy enough to just hop on while I'm on the train or w/e.