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arabian ranches

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by SKY, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. SKY

    SKY New Member

    Hi, Just want little advice from u well educated people:) I have a 5 bed with swimming pool etc in the ranches, full golf facing, its all paid for.

    I had offer of 5.5m, which is low, but i brought at 4m but same time had offer of renting it out for 480k a year for 2 years. I don't really need the money but same time don't know if ranches is ok bet for future 2 sell. I don't live in property anymore its empty at the moment.

    What u guys think i should do - rent or sell.

    thanks advance for your thoughts
  2. Sportsman

    Sportsman New Member

    You have to ask?

    Rent it
  3. renter1

    renter1 New Member

    How much was it worth at the peak during last Summer? Everything here will be down by at least 50% before this is over, including villa communities like Springs, Meadows and the Ranches. For 5.5m Dhs you can already buy a Garden Home on Palm Jumeirah.
  4. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    Whoever is offering you AED 5.5m has absolutely no idea about the market. You can get a signature villa at the Palm for less than AED 5m nowadays. You should sell ASAP!
  5. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Good heavens, if I were you, I would rent it out for 480K per year for 2 years. By then the markets would have picked up and then you could decide.

    Remember bricks & mortar are considered one of the safest investments. It will have it's ups and downs but eventually does well.

    Ranches will always do well. You will always have buyers. Ride through the recession and take a call once the markets pick up.

    Read the book "Rich Dad & Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Makes sense and good reading.

    Good luck.

  6. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member

    I registered just to reply to this nonsensical post.

    I don't understand why such people are in the market. Sasherwani, do you know that the OP on a signature villa at Palm Jumeirah was AED 5.15 M? So, you're saying that buyers can now purchase a ready signature villa at the Palm for less than OP? If you do have the deal, i will buy it right now. If you don't have such a deal, then please stop posting such idiotic and utterly irresponsible posts on public forums.

    I'm quite sure you're going to respond saying, "Oh, but i was talking about Palm Jebel Ali and not Palm Jumeirah". If you do, then you're comparing a ready villa at Arabian Ranches today at AED 5.5 M to an off-plan property at PJA which will be ready after 5 years or so. This clearly tells me that you have NO IDEA whatsoever about how investments work and what the property market is all about.

    So, please, before you do post, a word of advice....THINK.

    By the way, just to let know you know of actual prices, so that you don't confuse others:

    Garden Homes on PJ can be had at AED 6.5 (low numbers) to upwards of AED 10 M (the lower prices ones are obvious distress sales)
    Garden Homes on PJA can be had at as low as 14% premium.

    Signature Homes on PJ are widely priced with most of them upwards of AED 11-12M.
    Signature Homes on PJA can also be had at low premiums but none as low as the Garden homes here (so far).

    End of rant.
  7. SKY

    SKY New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I noticed in general a lot of people who have good ready homes in areas like ranches, marina, meadows, hills, palm etc, are holding on if they can. If you really look into the market what is the alternative in 2 - 3 years time from the properties mentioned above.

    In the near future, projects will be delayed or cancelled. Yes you get few properties coming up but good established properties with facilities will hold value in couple years or so.

    Furthermore where in the world is another dubai? great weather, facilities, beauty, incredible malls, beaches, hotels etc etc. And most of all no crime compared to most countries.

    I suppose proof is in the pudding and i will back my words and rent and believe in the future of this amazing country.

    ps I am not talking about off plan properties here. Good ready props
  8. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    I was talking Palm Jumeirah not Palm Jebel Ali. Hope you dont lose your broker's license now.
  9. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member

    More useless posts!

    You seem to have conveniently ignored the rest of my post. Why am i not surprised? Your mystical signature villa deals of less than 5 M on your magical (fantasy) Palm Island keeping you busy?

    FYI, i'm a Doctor by profession who believes in social responsibility. I haven't invested much in Dubai so i have no personal stigma associated with these posts. As i said, it's all about accurate information and social responsibility. Maybe you should think about that.
  10. Sportsman

    Sportsman New Member

    Sash2 is obviously on a downward spiral and is bringing all his frustrations to the forum. I feel bad for people who are desperate to sell and who might lose tremendous amounts of money. I might too if things really implode, but what can you do? It was a wild game and now fundamentals are coming back with a vengance. Most people here have never seen a down market like this - it's all been a party in dubai. Things will come back but those caught with properties at 5% down with no chance for making payments will lose, but that is called gambling. That game is over. In another year things will bounce off a bottom and get better...they always do.
  11. NwAli

    NwAli New Member

    5.15 M Garden Home ?????

    Hi All

    Will Put down a chq NOW if some one can get me 5.15 M garden Home Palm jumeirah any frond any number


    properties247 at yahoo dot com
  12. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member

    Ask "Fantasyland Sasherwani"! He has SIGNATURE villa's on the Palm Jumeirah at less than 5 Million.

  13. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    ...another broker...:)

    i lost money but it was a very insignificant amount to me.. but yes I have seen people losing their life savings.. not because they were bad investors but because their developers either ran away (wind prop, barakah) or their developer doesnt intend on completing the project (Schon, waran etc) or becuase the regulatory authorities changed the rules of the game overnight. Take it easy guys. You should all need to relax. I know you guys want to hide the falling prices because you want to portray a false image of this place. But dont you think the controlled media is helping you enough already? There should be some source from where REAL information should be made available. If even blogs and forums are controlled by brokers like you guys, where will the investors get real information? Think about it before you start pointing fingers again. As for the Signature Villa for AED 4.8m, that IS the asking price nowadays.. my friend ALMOST bought one but it got out of his hand. Ofcourse most of the owners are not willing to sell it at such a low price but this IS the ASK price.
  14. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member

    Geez, you are completely lost aren't you?

    Who here is denying that the property market has terribly crashed? For good reason too since there was too much speculation going which in the long term would have been extremely hazardous to Dubai's image. I'm actually glad this happened as regular people can now afford homes once banks start lending again.

    Point is that you have no idea about the market. You're friend is either blatantly lying or is making a fool out of you. OP on a Signature villa was 5.15 M....there's no way he could get an offer for less than 5 M for a signature villa (completed property) on the Palm JUMEIRAH.

    You and you're friends really need to do more research before and more importantly think and analyze before posting on public forums. I'd be really embarrassed if i were you right now.

  15. renter1

    renter1 New Member

    Not sure about signature villas, but a Garden Home on PJ definitely sold for 5m Dhs last week. I believe it was a low number.

    Anyone who pays more than that for a Garden Home is a fool right now. Sure, there are plenty of villas with a selling price of 7-8m Dhs, but noone is actually paying that. The very few transactions that are happening are much lower. Wake up people - Sasherwani is much closer to the truth than you think.
  16. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member


    No one is debating the availability of garden homes for cheap; the debate was about SIGNATURE villa's for sale less than 5M. I'll agree with him when i see it at this price; until then i'm gonna haveta call BS on this.
  17. TommyC

    TommyC New Member

    Just a quick question, why is there "no way" he could have been offered a price like that, sounds like denying to me. Things ARE bad, consider an investor that have bought the property at original price, paid 100% and was waiting for prices to go up even further. Suddenly there is a major crash in the entire world and for the investors other investments/stocks/mortgage/whatever, and the investor needs to restore liquidity at whatever cost. AED 4.8 million in the hand is maybe not so bad in that case even if it meant zero profit or even a big loss.
  18. Djjunior

    Djjunior New Member

    ^^^ agree with Tommy & Sash

    plus at the end of the day who really cares if its palm jumeirah after all its artificial. Big deal, theirs better places to invest.

    4.8M- 5M for a 10,000 -12,000 sqft beachfront villa works out to around 450- 500 dhs a square foot, which may sound cheap to some, but from an investment perspective that's the RIGHT and perfectly fine price to offer for a product like that.

    You will see more product such as this coming on to the market at this price. Sash is not being unrealistic, conservative perhaps, but this very well could be reality soon.

  19. dubaisv

    dubaisv New Member

    By that logic, a deal at AED 4/3/2 or even 1 Million is possible. Heck, any money back is good enough right? Nevertheless, i'd like to agree with you and say that yes, there's a chance that someone might extremely desperate to sell. However, you would also have to agree that such deals are probably 0.1% of the total deals on the market. So, when Sasherwani suggests a fellow forumer to sell a good value villa below market value because he feels that it's EASY to get Signature villa's at AED 5 M, then i'd like to draw the line right there! I follow the market quite closely and believe me, even the Garden homes at AED 6.5M are very hard to come by, let alone Signature villa's at below OP.

    There are Optimists and then there are Pessimists....i'm the third breed i.e a REALIST. I'm a person who's practical and does my research THOROUGHLY before investing or for that matter even posting on a public forum. One wrong or ill-informed post from a person can actually cause a fair degree of loss to someone else simply because they chose to use it (even though they should be doing their bit of research and more importantly NOT take internet advice!!!).

    Everyone has a social responsibility....EVERYONE.
  20. jags

    jags New Member

    you are absolutely right. we have a social responsibility. i agree there is a crash. but sentiments play a major role in any crash. be it a stock market or property continuously posting negative comments in the name of truth does not help investors. we all want market to stablise. it will take its time. but meanwhile let us not panick the investors and push them in to selling the investment which they can afford to keep.this will only bring down the market further down.there is nothing wrong in creating a positive feelig if that can save further sufferings and boost some we want everyone out on the street to throw their investments and creat chaose and total anarchy?
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