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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Peterhugh, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Peterhugh

    Peterhugh New Member

    Five-six months ahead of schedule my apartment in Joao Pessoa will be ready July/August.
    My local agent is recommending Todeschini to measure up and fit out, their web site shows good stuff, has anybody any experience of dealing with them or have any other recommendations?
  2. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    Todeschini is good but way over priced..especially if you go in with a foreign accent and the agent works on commission with Todeschini.
    Try Casa D or a good reputable carpenter who can make exact replicas of what you like in a magazine for a fraction of the price.
  3. Peterhugh

    Peterhugh New Member

    Thank you, problem is I'm here in the UK the apartments there in Brasil.
  4. Peterhugh

    Peterhugh New Member

    Er excuse me? I'm in the UK my apartment is in brasil, you're in Canada and you'll review my agents firm. somehow that doesn't work for me thanks.
  5. Todeschini has good stuff.
    Dell Anno sells, good kitchens.
    Good furniture isn't cheap in Brazil, nowhere.
    You can buy at the local Casas Bahia, Insinuante etc, but for you foreigners it's crap. Or maybe not, it's so cheap.
    You buy if you want.
    Get your local "agent" involved in this ?
    In my opinion, NEVER. The local store want's to rip you, he, your agent, also is desesparately is after some extra money to survive.

    An option many of my Brazilian friends make:
    They buy furniture in Sao Paulo.
    Even living in the North East of Brazil.
    In Sao Paulo you can get good (or VERY GOOD) furniture for good prices.
    They send it to you whereever you live in Brazil. Transport costs are cheap.
    Remember, all the furniture you buy in Salvador, Natal, Maceio, Fortaleza also come by truck from the south of Brazil.
  6. Peterhugh

    Peterhugh New Member

    I went to brasil myself last year, October 2012 and did the soft furnishings, white goods and electrical items myself, all done and finished delivered and fitted in one week, who says you can't get things done quickly in brasil?
    The place is beautiful, the fulfilment of a dream.

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