Anyone from Norway here?


Thomas Knutsen

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I have started recently to invest in BTL in Norway. I would love to get in contact with investors in Norway or anyone interested in investing in Norway. I have built up documentation and knowledge about a particular area in Norway and find very good deals, with limited equity I see many of them go.

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Hi Thomas,

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It would be great if you could share some of your knowledge of Norway. What can you tell us about the property market in Norway? What could a landlord expect from a good buy-to-let yield (and for what type of property size)?

Thomas Knutsen

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From around year 2000 to now Norway has experienced rising prices with a small ditch around 2008. The last years had up to 20% rise per year in certain areas. This is an advantage for flips and new developments. It is possible to take out the profit from a residential property tax free if you have lived there 1 of the last 2 years and you have owned it for 1 of the last 2 years. I have dont that 3 times since 2012.

Rising house prices is newspaper front page stuff almost every day.

In general I would say Norway is not well suited for BTL as regulations are becoming strict. To slow down raising prices you need 40% equity for your second home if it is in Oslo, else 15-20 are required. This has resulted in raising prices in municipalities just around Oslo in typical commuter areas. Regulations make it hard to evict people, tenants are well protected.

Norway has probably the highest percentage of people owning their own home. Your own home comes first and is more important then car, holiday, ... But still many rent now since the can not bring up the equity to qualify for a loan.

The BTL scenery is not that mature if compared to UK, it is hard to get loans with the purpose BTL, there are a few mortgage brokers, there are many limits for how much loan you can have personally. If you ask for financing for a BTL property on a LTD (AS) company the answer from 99% of banks is NO. (I found one:)

Rental yields in major cities are low, if you follow highways and especially train lines you can get to smaller towns where the rent is still high but you are able to get good deals. I have heard from one investor who had 2 apartments renting for 10k NOK per month each and paid 800k NOK each that would give around 15%.