Any recommendation for Country Garden?


Albert Low

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I’m very interested waterfront sea view apartment especially for Country Garden new project near Danga Bay.

I heard a rumor that they already stopped their construction? It is because government didn’t approve their project? I’m quite worry about this question anyone can give me any suggestion? Is it a very seriously thing?


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Too many units there (almost 10,000 untis) upon completion. If you are buying for own use then ok (but I think for same price you can get larger landed house). If you are buying for investment I think real demand is not high enough yet.

I also heard rumour many buyers had turned the offer down, sacrificing their deposits

Also there is rumour that some units are given FREE to buyers of other properties from same developer in China, do you think those buyers will cherish their free gift?

The property is built on newly reclaimed land which I dont think is stable for long term.

I am new in property market, above-mentioned is my personal view. Take care!


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Stopped construction? Doesn't sound right - it was still running perfectly fine when I was there 2 months back in December. :dontknow:


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All plants have been garden-tested here in Santa Fe, NM.
Our high desert climate is harsh and our soils are poor.
At our altitude (7,000 ft.),the sun is intense, the air has very low humidity and summer highs range in the low 90° Fs.
Winters are cold (USDA zone 6) and precipitation is scant (13" in a good year).