Any info on Lifestyle Residence, Altinkum

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by simpywimpy, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. simpywimpy

    simpywimpy New Member

    we have seen a nice apartment here and wondered if anyone had any info on the area or the developer please?
  2. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    Where is this?

    Hello there
    I know the area very well...but have never heard of this development. If you share the developers name and the location of the development then I am sure that someone on this forum will be able to help you...

    BEWARE! Use of the name Altinkum - often developers use that name as it is known by British people when in fact the development is miles away from Altinkum...sometimes 25 miles away from Altinkum. Altinkum is one very small resort within a larger area known as Didim. Didim contains many different resorts - each with very different characters but often lumped incorrectly under the name of Altinkum.
  3. TH4S

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    İ take you meant to say, you have seen a plan of this development ,?

    I have seen this development on a few web sites and on E Bay; price: £19,450.00 PAY 30% within 1 - 6 months of signing the contract AND PAY THE REST BY COMPLETION September 2009,

    Sunnydays is corect, lots of new developments are often lumped incorrectly under the name of Altinkum.
  4. cathgill

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    We have a penthouse in the Didm area of Altinkum. It is a five minute car journey from the centre of Altinkum, near Apollan Temple. This development was build by a British Developer with 20 years experience in the building industry. Many facilities on the complex. Any apartments we looked at nearer the centre of Altinkum were built very close together and we didn't see as much potential. If I can help further, please get in touch. We purchased in April 2007. Just be careful with some developers in Turkey, as I'm sure you are aware. Our apartment is built on the first phase - two more phases planned. Extremely competitive prices.
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  5. TH4S

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    cathgill.Is there a reason why you keep repeating you have a penthouse in the Didm area of Altinkum.Is there a reason why you keep repeating please get in touch./two more phases planned. Extremely competitive prices.

    Are you trying to sell this Development,????
  6. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member

  7. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Simpywimpy let me introduce you to Lifestyle Residence,I take you two have never met before,..?

    Lifestyle Residence would you be so kind to forward me via pm the details of these £19,450 'off' plan properties. I have a UK contact who could be very interested,

    Thanks in advance.. Kolay Gelsin,;)
  8. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member

    Lİfe Style Resİdence

    Yes I am developer of the Life style residence.This complex is in Altinkum/Turkey.
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  9. Lifestyle Residence

    Lifestyle Residence New Member


    Hello there
    I am developer of the this complex.You asking where is to he complex. Its in Between the Temple of Apollo and Yenihisar.As you coming from apollo to yenihisar its on right hand side just before the hill turning right.Just 3rd plot after main road.
  10. ambermorgan

    ambermorgan New Member

    Lifestyle Residence-Altinkum, Turkey

    Hello, In reading your post I wanted to respond as I know the developer of Lifestyle Residence very well as my husband and I have bought 2 properties from Deniz and are looking to buy a third. I can give you most info you may be interested in as I am now working with Deniz here in the UK. I will be doing assisted viewings in Altinkum the week of 24th of August.

    If you would like further info, personal info, or would like to see floor plans and pics of the development site you may look at further info on ebay under Altinkum.

    I will also point out that there are many affordable payment plans available to you which can fit any budget as long as agreed with Deniz and overseen by solicitor and translator.

    At this point included in the prices advertised, you are able to customise your kitchen, air con in bedrooms and living area are included along with boiler, free white goods, and mosquito netting. Deniz also has furniture packs available if you are interested.

    As of 20th August 2008 prices will reflect an increase of £3000, so in order to take advantage of the excellent off- plan prices like we have its a good idea to get as much info as possible. Also, Deniz offers free viewing trips with a £500 reserve to lock in your purchase price and have a chance to meet with him personally and meet the builder and designers. If you find you are not interested this amount is refunded to you minus the bank charges and you would then only have to pay for your holiday yourself. Either way, you are safe and get a fabulous holiday on golden sand! :)

    At any time if you would like to ring me or me call you to discuss further please let me know in an email, I am available at any time. I look forward to hearing from you and passing on as much info as I possibly can.

    Best Regards
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  11. Hello

    Dear Amber
    First of all I hope you to well.My name is Soner Dogan and I am owner of the Lifestyle Residence.I was in uk when you bought the house from us you to meet my business partner his name is Baris.Thats good point to work with Deniz.Look after yourself.See you one day.

    Soner Dogan

  12. so not actually in Altinkum then, but Didim.

    simpywimpy - check the facilities, as this is not close to the beach, and unless a courtesy bus is provided you will have a treck, and a very hot solmus journey to get to the beach.

    I know exactly what you mean - like when people claim that Bozbuk is only 10 mins from didim centre! Didim centre, where it's all going on at night!
  13. a £3000 increase?? why? what justification do you have for that in the current market?:confused::confused:

    IMO that is ludicrous, but then again, the extra commission his new 'agents' will expect will have to be found somewhere I suppose!

    Bear in mind, if you buy from someone in the UK who acts on behalf of an agent - you need to be aware that they are being paid to do this, and legally you have no recourse against the UK person, as they are not legally attached to the company.

    I am in no way commenting on the integrity of Lifestyle or Amber, I am just pointing out that in ALL cases - even when the contact you speak to is from the UK and has bought on the complex, you still need to do due dilligence on all purchases.

    Personally, our company only allows registered EA's in UK and Ireland to sell for us, not past customers, and we offer a due dilligence report carried out by the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey for all developments should the customer wish one.

    Remember the golden rules - don't just be sure, be certain; get a good independent solicitor; and get everything locked down in the contract to your satisfaction.
  14. I dont know how much you know abouth to didim.But this complex is near the town centre.Much near the Emerald complex I am fortunutaly.Wher we are as you come from Apollo temple to the Yenihisar,when you past the Osman kalıpçı industrial estates,You have yellow apartsment on the left sunset houses.Just one plot behind.
  15. Yes increases.I dont think is suprised if you in this business its happend all off plan project.People buying off plan because they know ıts gonna be cheap first.They waiting they house to be finish year and some time more then a year and they paying bit by bit.Thats the score my friend and you know that.Amber is one of our customer and she wants to work one of my estates agent like the other british people do.Thats not suprised for you to I dont think.I know what you trying but notgood way my friend.

  16. so you confirm my point that it is NOT in Altinkum, but Didim
  17. yes i am in this business and a £3000 increase one year before the complex completes - so in efect when it is still 'off plan' is unjustified, particularly when the current market does not support this.

    In regards to your payment plans - nothing new there. You would hardly expect anyone to pay in full for a property before it is even completed???
    We offer more flexible payment plans ourselves. buy now, move in pay later. 30% deposit down on a turnkey property - i.e ready to move into and fully completed, receive your keys upon payment of deposit, and pay the balance over 18-60 months, at 0% interest.

    just because'all the other british people do it' does not mean it is professional or good business practice. all UK contacts we have are regisered and bonded by the correct agencies and are not just past customers who we give commission to.

    My friend.
  18. Whats the different between them pls tell me I have a complex just near the Marina and third Beach.Between them is anly 10 minutes by bus or car.And also Altinkum just peace of didim like yeşilkent or mavişehir.Didim is (yenihisar) name for all of them.
  19. from your website
    if the complex is 5 minutes from the banks then it is not possible for it to be 10 mins from the beach, as anyone who lives in didim can confirm. From the beach to Garanti bank is at least 10 mins brisk walk, to futther banks another 10-15 mins wlaking minimum. The times you estimate must be for those who use a helicopter to commute?????
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