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Another world's tallest tower.

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by talk, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. talk

    talk New Member

    Prince Alwaleed's Kingdom Holding Co to build new tower of over 1000mts high.

    The tower to be build @ Kingdom City where plans are made for 80,000 residences and 250,000 vistors.


    Help me goggle kingdom city.

  2. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    Good grief! The towers in the Arabian deserts of the UAE and Saudi are becoming phenomenal ! I looked at burj-dubai on the visit-dubai site the other day. That is stupendous....over twice the height of the Empire State Building. Now , I see on that visit-dubai site that Nakheel Tower must be even bigger. Now Saudi wants to go even taller. I hope they never have a serious fire in such a building.
    What if a plane crashes into one of these monsters?
  3. jomonanu1

    jomonanu1 New Member

    I think the Meraas Development ( Jumeirah Gardens will have the word's Tallest tower by 2018. The Meraas Development is planning to announce it only in year 2010. The Dubai realtors are planning for more skyscrappers in Dubai. There will be 7 towers in Dubai which will be higher than the Burj by 2025
  4. talk

    talk New Member

    Thanks for adding to the thread.Any investments for me at the moment will be really top locations and a minimum of 5/10 years.The sooner they make public all these plans will help real estate keeping investors eye open and not letting them drift off to other countries.Althought fippers are now in trouble there are still many good investors out there and waiting for top class developments.Top class developments must be made public now.

  5. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    7 towers higher than the Burj ?! No way !
    There is currently only one taller to be built,the 'Nakheel Tower' which is to be around 1000m.Already started,this tower will take 10 years to be built.
    Your figure of 7 I think relates to the fact there will be around 7 'Supertowers' in Dubai.Supertowers are towers with at least 100 floors.
  6. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    I agree . Surely there cannot be 7 towers taller than Burj Dubai ? That is twice the height of the Empire State building. I would hate to be in one of these monster towers in a fire. What about earthquakes ? Iran across the gulf get earthquakes?
    Besides, they will need MILLIONS of WESTERNERS in the Arabian Gulf to FILL every building and office that is being built. I hate to think of the consequences if some Muslim fundamentalist in a future Iran or Saudi OBJECTS to all the westerners and flies a plane into one of these towers. A very modern world is clashing with a very ancient world in the gulf ....and the strip of water is very narrow!
  7. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    And I heard by 2095 Nakheel announced it will build a tower 3 times the height of Burj Dubai.

  8. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    Have these people forgotten that human beings must live and work in these towers? Burj Dubai ,according to info on that Visit Dubai site[Put visit dubai into Google and choose the version] , is twice the height of the Empire State building. That is 1200 ft, so Burj Dubai is circa 2400 ft, is it not? Are you saying they will build to 7200 FEET......and on then on SAND to make it worse?
    The top will be SWAYING !! What about FIRES ?? What about AEROPLANES ?
    Even commercial and private planes coming into the biggest airport in the world are fairly close Dubai/Jebel Ali. 7200 feet is ALMOST A MILE HIGH!!
    It will take ages to get to the top and they could well be looking at CLOUDS outside the windows. The clouds will kill visibility for small planes etc.
    The height could affect the health of the occupants,too.
    I would hate to be in a mile high building in an EARTHQUAKE . There is a tectonic plate cutting across Iran, which is why mountains exist there. Mountains are only thrown up by the crushing of land masses on the edge of tectonic plates which form the Earth's crust. It is the power of moving continents that causes mountain building ." Man " is nothing compared to the forces of nature. I thought there was a tremor in Dubai recently.
  9. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Reminds me of hadith that says, in end times these barefooted Arabs will be competing to build tallest buildings in the world.
  10. albog

    albog New Member

    Anything you've heard about a tower 3 times the height of burj dubai is a myth.

    At the moment the plans show 1, possibly 2 buildings higher than burj dubai in Dubai itsself. One is Nakheel's tower at around 1200m and the other is that three-tower thing in the meraas project which shows it comparable to burj dubai in height (although not sure if it's bigger or not).
    However I don't think any of those will be built, and I hope not. What a waste of money (if it exists)!
  11. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    Nov 10th, 2008: Nakheel is building a 500km high tower and the completion year is 2175. The tenants will be teleported to the floor they live in. Nakheel plans to build terminal 5 of the Dubai Airport at the rooftop of the building from where Emirates spacejets can take you to the moon in less than 6 hours. The cost will be subsidised for the building tenants. The building shall consist of five 10-star hotels and two 25-star hotels at the upper levels. The building shall have a 110,000 floors. Nakheel is going to follow the UAE tradition and will provide scarce parking to the building's tenants. There will be a total of 3 floors of parking enough to accomodate 600 cars. However, Nakheels CEO Chris o Donnell says that 600 carpark space will be more than enough since most of the people shall be using the Dubai Metro.
    Vilsons and Elkins have been hired to build the model of the building. The model itself shall be 1km high.

    Nov 11th, 2008: The tower's completion date has been postponed to 2275 due to the ongoing financial crises. Parking space too has been cut down to 300 spaces since Nakheel now plans to sell one of the parking floors as a "ice rink dome" for the tenants.
  12. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Nov 12 2018:
    In respond to Nakheel’s massive plans and projects Emaar has launched a five star underground executive villa project.
    The location is unknown but all the units have been sold out. The completion date and terms of payment are also unknown as the Developer is still deciding by how much to increase the OP price.
    This project will help Emaar to complete his plans to list on Afghanistan Stock Exchange as the people of Afghanistan like cave projects.
    However a problem may occur if sewerage tanker drivers decide to discharge in the future project.
    The prices will vary from Couple of millions to couple of billions depending on the investor’s budgets and health of the global economy.
  13. jomonanu1

    jomonanu1 New Member

    Well, There is another Tower in Meraas, which going to be the tallest tower in the world, bigger than Nakheel. Also Super Towers are planning in New Deira, which will announce in 2012, There are towers coming in the New ras Al khor development, which will announce in 2010, New Al Qouz Project in 2011 and so on. In 2025, Dubai will be a different Dubai.
  14. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Again,like I said,Nakheel are buildling a 1000m tower,that is definite.There are no other towers planned or in construction that will be taller than the Burj Dubai.

    The Meraas project which is a 2.4km Tower is just a fantasy.Too big,too costly,too long to get built(25 years)it just won't happen.

    In around 5 years Dubai will not only have the worlds tallest building,but also around 4/5 supertowers with another 1/2 to come.
    Supertowers are buildings with at least 100 floors.Most cities do not even have one.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2008
  15. albog

    albog New Member

    That 2.4km tower is fake. Probably a student architecture project or something.

    The real projects are as follows:

    Nakheel tower, 1200m


    Tower from Meraas (to be built in satwa). Around 800m or so so comparable to burj dubai but who knows whether it's bigger or not.


    Will these be built? Probably not but who knows.
  16. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    The groundwork for the Nakheel tower has already started.
  17. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member


    1 Nakheel Harbour Tower ~1140m
    2 One Dubai ~850m
    3 Burj Dubai 819m
    4 Anara 650m
    5 Pentominium 618m
    6 One Park Avenue (JG) ~600m
    7 Meraas Tower ~550m
    8 Dubai Towers 1 550m
    9 Burj Al Alam 510m
    10 Asia Asia Hotel ~500m
    11 DIFC Central Tower ~500m
    12 Damac Heights 460m
    13 Dubai Towers 2 460m
    14 Government Project ~450m
    15 Dynamic Tower 420m
    16 Princess Tower 414m
    17 Marina 101 412m
    18 Dubai Towers 3 410m
    19 Lighthouse Tower 400m
    20 Tanmiyat Towers ~400m
    21 Oasis Beach Hotel Replacement ~400m
    22 Marina 106 ~400m
    23 23 Marina 395m
    24 Emirates Park Towers 1 395m
    25 Emirates Park Towers 2 395m
    26 Cassells Tower ~390m
    27 Elite Residence 380m
    28 Hard Rock Hotel 379m
    29 The Wave Tower 370m
    30 Dubai Towers 4 360m
    31 Almas Tower 360m
    32 Lamtara Towers 1 360m
    33 Emirates Towers 1 355m
    34 One Park Avenue (DIFC) 350m
    35 Tower 1 in JGC (near One Dubai) ~350m
    36 Volante ~350m
    37 Signature Towers 349m
    38 Al Attar Tower 342m
    39 The Torch 338m
    40 Rose Rotana Suites 333m
    41 Dubai Eiffel Tower 330m
    42 Infinity Tower 330m
    43 Al Yacoub Tower 330m
    44 The Skyscraper 330m
    45 The Index 328m
    46 Burj Al Arab 321m
    47 Lamtara Towers 2 320m
    48 HHHR Tower 317m
    49 Ocean Heights 310m
    50 Emirates Towers 2 309m
    51 The Address 306m
    52 Khalid Al Attar Tower 301m
    53 Al Hekma Tower ~300m
    54 Tower by Zaha Hadid >300m
    55 Desert Gate Towers 1 >300m
    56 Desert Gate Towers 2 >300m
    57 Desert Gate Towers 3 >300m
    58 Desert Gate Towers 4 >300m
    59 Asmaran Landmark Tower >300m
    60 Possible Supertall in DBD >300m
    61 Burj Park IV ~300m
    62 Nikken Sekkei Towers ~300m
    63 Meydan Tower ~300m
    64 Meydan Tower (another one) ~300m
    65 City of Arabia Tower 1 300m
    66 City of Arabia Tower 2 ~300m
    67 City of Arabia Tower 3 ~300m
    68 City of Arabia Tower 4 ~300m
    69 Dubai Waterfront Concept (OMA) ~300m
    70 Nakheel Harbour Placeholder 1 ~300m
    71 Nakheel Harbour Placeholder 2 ~300m
    72 Nakheel Harbour Placeholder 3 ~300m
    73 Nakheel Harbour Placeholder 4 ~300m
    74 Lagoons Tower 1 ~300m
    75 Lagoons Tower 2 ~300m
    76 Arjan Landmark Tower ~300m
    77 Expected Project (Tallest Block) ~300m
    78 Expected Project (Media City) ~300m
    79 Tower 2 in JGC ~300m
  18. Ayyan

    Ayyan New Member

    Seriously funny this place is going crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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