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America for Sale... properties at 30% to 40% off Actual Value

Discussion in 'Overseas Property For Sale' started by wileywinit, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. wileywinit

    wileywinit New Member

    Attention Buyers/Brokers

    We have discount real estate properties in the U.S. market at 30% to 40% off its current retail value.
    See sample list:
    SFTRU143: Single family 6 bed 7 bath in atlanta,georgia
    Appraised at $2.4 million USD for only $1.7 million USD. That's a lot of equity.
    SFBS105: single family 5 bed,2 bath in houstan, texas
    Appraised at $700,000 USD for only $483,000 sales price. Lots of equity.

    We have much more than this. Visit
    Wiley Wholesale and Holdings
    and [email protected]
    Refer a buyer and receive 1% of sales price
  2. hugheswilliams

    hugheswilliams New Member

    Hey, can you help me in buying homes in America,I have client looking for a home to buy.He is interested in Canada or American near the beach is fine.
    please feel free to contact me back.
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