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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by neca, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. neca

    neca New Member

    Almeida is a small mideval village, a fortification built with a double granit wall in the shape of an exagonal star, situated in the NorthEast of Portugal, 15 Km. from the most important boarder of Portugal/Spain ( Vilar Formoso ). It's practicly an undiscovered region to bet on investment, specially in the tourism area. Just about everybody thinks that only the big cities are the best, but I can say that, to live, work and have a more relaxing and pleasant life, there is nothing like this, and believe me because I have been living here for nearly 34 years, teaching and in the Restaurant business and have never regreated this sort of life. You might think " but you are use to the Portuguese stile of life " ... Wrong ... I was brought up in Rhodesia, a completly different way of living. Just a small tip... Try this area, come and visit Almeida and come and have a drink with us at " A Muralha "... why not ?
  2. l.a.a.s

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    Rhodesia? used to be a nice country (barn of Africa) , unfortunately not anymore.
    Almeida is quite nice even if a bit isolated

    Best regards

  3. neca

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    I know... But even so, Rhodesia was and still is in my heart. I agree, Almeida is a bit isolated, but very good concerning to restaurants, because of the Spanish. They spend good money.
    Best regards,
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