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Alghadeer by Sorouh

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Aubre, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Aubre

    Aubre New Member

    Does anyone have the latest on the Alghadeer project by Sorouh? I have heard prices are around 1700sqft and there is to be a big push on for Cityscape Dubai. When i spoke to Sorouh a few weeks back they said it had sold out. any news would be appreciated. cheers
  2. Pippa71

    Pippa71 New Member

    i bought into Alghadeer earlier in the year. it was sold out in a few days. re-sales are at about the rates you mention but i have also seen some up at 2100sqft. My Sorouh contact told me construction is well underway and there will be big profiling of the project next wk at Cityscape. The new RERA rules in Dubai and the location of this project close to the upcoming economic deve hubs will provide good support for this going forward.
  3. uaedana

    uaedana New Member

    A sound investment

    This area falls on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai – good for someone who needs to commute to Abu Dhabi with easy access to both emirates.

    The location of Al Ghadeer development is where infrastructure and International Airport (Dubai World Central) expansion is ongoing, Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali.

    Sorouh the developer has strong government backing.

    Abu Dhabi
    It is predicted that the population in Abu Dhabi will be doubled in ten years and about 2,50,000 housing units will be required. This bigger picture indicates long-term sustained growth of Abu Dhabi market.

    Longevity and strength of the real estate phase in Abu Dhabi, is supported by shortages of all types of real estate, controlled by delivery of supply to avoid a surplus – as you know the Dubai market is tampered with many foreign investors who have hiked the prices leaving the young professionals paying way over the odds to live in the expat communities. The Abu Dhabi prices have controlled this better.

    Dubai is looking to tighten up the real estate laws to sustain property prices. Abu Dhabi developers have a better control of this situation simply due to less supply and also wont be faced with any drastic changes as Dubai so soon – this will lower your risk as an investor.

    There are reports of price increases in Abu Dhabi of around 20% in the next year.

    Anything below 1900dhs/sqft in Al Ghadeer is a good deal.:)
  4. SaleemUk

    SaleemUk New Member

    Al Ghadeer - good developer, great location

    I agree UAEdana, if you can buy now at 1900sqft before cityscape drives prices higher i think Alghadeer has good potential. the payment terms are every 6mths so good for cashflow. the site is easy to get to for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is 10mins from Jebel Ali, 15mins to Khalifa Port, and Taweelah (proposed as the regions largest), 10mins to the new Al Maktoum International Airport which will be the world's largest. i think all this bodes well for investment returns. Sorouh is a well regarded developer that is exceptionally well backed by the Abu Dhabi government. The concepts i have seen appear to be high quality with a full range of support services (retail, restaurants, 4 schools, mosques, childcare, hotel, business park, WIFI, parks, swimming pools for residents, lakes etc). Units are hard to get though. I have also heard a rumour that Sorouh is planning a huge further development as a 2nd stage which is planned to be something very special. Now is probably the time to get in early on this.
  5. Ammar

    Ammar New Member

    Hmm ..this is very fact I got 1 bedroom apartment in Alghadeer , it got the swimming pool view , 5th floor and 750 sq.ft... I'm planning to sell at AED 1800 per sq.ft if anybody is interested , PM me..... I know prices have gone as high as 1900/sq.ft but I just need to sell now.
  6. Donold

    Donold New Member


    i have been keeping a watch on this project for the past year or so since it was first revealed by Sorouh at the 2007 Cityscape. i wasn't able to buy into it on release and i understand it was pretty much sold down to VIPs and Shiekhs. I have an option to now buy, prices are on the increase and those mentioned above are about right (AED1700-1800). i know a few corporates who are chasing units here as a future hedge given the commute out to work at Jebel Ali may not be so appealing in the years to come. There are a few things that make me interested in this development. First the location is right at the centre of the 2 main urban cities, transport routes, future rail, infrastructure development and employment areas and 80% of the entire UAE population is within 45mins drive. Coupled with this all the growth from Dubai is coming out in this direction but the site has all the petrodollars and benefits of being in abu dhabi. Secondly, i'm told by a good source that Alghadeer is still identified on the UAE constitution adopted in 1971 as the future capital of the UAE and the location for the Federal Government. I have also heard about the mega project being considered by Sorouh for this site which apparently will have some 'key differentiation from other large projects'. I wonder if this is something to do with a future UAE Capital even just for the bureaucrats? In my mind this is one to watch and one of the better projects to invest into if the price is right.
  7. wiseowl

    wiseowl New Member

    Buy, Buy, Buy

    In my opinion Al Ghadeer is one of the most stable and promising projects in the market.
  8. Ammar

    Ammar New Member

    Guys , Any body visited CityScape , Sorouh stand? they are selling , any idea for how much per sq.ft ??
  9. Aubre

    Aubre New Member

    i visited cityscape yesterday and spoke to 2 Sorouh staff. they said Alghadeer had Sold out and nothing was available. It all sold in May. construction is underway. they had a big model of the development and video etc which looked very impressive. there was quite a crowd of people askign questions from sorouh mainly about buying. i waited round for 30mins or so to gauge it and there seemed alot who were keen on Alghadeer. i think most can see the location as a big benefit and the quality of design. i also spoke to various agents at cityscape who said resale now at about 1700-1900sqft plus.
  10. wiseowl

    wiseowl New Member

    Survival Of The Fittest

    My advice to anyone who is intending on investing is to pay the extra premium and stick to reputable developers. In the case of Abu Dhabi, its SOROUH & ALDAR. In Dubai, Emaar & Nakheel. With all the regulations coming in to effect in the coming months all the bit players will fall by the way side. This will result in the appreciation of the property prices for companies that survive the storm.:rolleyes:
  11. wiseowl

    wiseowl New Member

    I Told U SO

    Sorouh construction starts at Alghadeer development

    Al Jaber Contracting (AJC), Sorouh's appointed contractor for enabling works for alghadeer, has started work on site.

    When completed, alghadeer will offer its 22,000 residents a relaxed and safe environment to raise families away from Abu Dhabi's city center.

    More than 6,000 homes will be constructed within the six villages that make up alghadeer - Baraha, Liwa, Falaj and Khaleej and the central villages of Buhayra and Khubaira.

    When residents move into their new homes, in 2012, they will enjoy facilities including a mosque, two kindergartens, two primary schools, a private international school, sports clubs, community centers, retail outlets, cinemas and much more, all surrounded by lush green parks and walkways.

    Alghadeer will also contain a Goodman Sorouh Business Park and a hotel with conference facilities overlooking alghadeer lake.

    Commenting on the groundbreaking, Mounir Haidar, CEO, Sorouh Real Estate PJSC, said:

    Sorouh construction starts at Alghadeer development

    GHADEER New Member

    I also have heard Al Ghadeer premiums are going up at the Abu Dhabi Cityscape in November. I recommend buying now if you can. I was able to buy in May and thankful for that.
  13. nzer

    nzer New Member

    Al Ghadeer - Good Buying

    1 have just sold 2 investment units in dubai over recent mths and attended Cityscape for the first 2 days to see what to buy. i agree with the above comments and have been cautious about re-investing too quickly. What i'm seeing now is a flight to quality. Quality of developer, quality of project and quality of location/design etc. Al Ghadeer seems to me to be one of the few that has this. i'm just about to buy on re-sale for 1700sqft. i think is a good investment for what's planned - the payment terms are great. I say this because i looked closely at other projects. For example International Capital Trading's (ICT) project in Ghantoot is being sold at 2,400-2,500sqft plus. Al Ghadeer seems better value and much better potenital for capital gain. At cityscape the interest in Al ghadeer seemed high but there was none for sale. i asked Sorouh if they were intending to release more but they said there's nothing left. The re-sale mkt for this project seems to be on the move so i intend to buy 1 villa there and stand back and look at other similar opportunities in abu dhabi only for the moment.
  14. Donold

    Donold New Member

    Al Ghadeer - Better by the Day

    Guys, just back from Cityscape this morning and again invested some time in checking this Sorouh development out. Very impressed. i was lucky enough to speak to a senior Sorouh staffer who said that prices are on the rise (1750-1850sqft range now) and interest from the market is still very strong. they are getting lots of calls to purchase and i sense the issue they have is of managing expectations cos all direct sales are sold out. Was it just me or am i getting the feel that Abu Dhabi is on the upside and Dubai (with exceptions though) is on the downside? That was the eye opneer for me this cityscape and i've been to 4 others over the yrs. The agents and people i spoke to seemed more bullish about Abu dhabi and in particular this Sorouh project and Al Raha beach than most others. I have committed to buy into Al Ghadeer and feel reasonably comfortable that the good feeling i have about Sorouh and project will be delivered via good returns.
  15. Manoj

    Manoj New Member

    Alghadeer seems to be hot

    below is some useful info i found on another link. here is the masterplan for Alghadeer also which i'm told was done by one of the best designers out of the US called RNL and the best local consultant in Mouchel and Parsons. the project is impressive and i think Sorouh will be a good job on this. the location is definetly a winner for those that need access to AUH and Dubai and all the new commercial more below. prices seem prety good compared to Reem Island and Dubai and the terms are loads better.:cool:


    As anyone who commutes regularly between the UAE's two largest cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai knows, the previously barren desert land between them is rapidly being developed. The past two years have seen a number of significant projects announced many of which will give rise to urban communities populating previously undeveloped areas and creating new residential, business and industrial hubs for the UAE.

    The key driver for the creation of new urban communities like Alghadeer and Ghantoot City is the need for easily commutable additional accommodation to facilitate proposed industrial and commercial expansion in the area.
    The planned increase in economic and industrial activity in the two major UAE Ports – Khalifa Port currently under construction at Taweelah and Jebel Ali located in the Jebel Ali Freezone is part of the United Arab Emirate Government's well publicised economic diversification plans. The country has always been a major trading hub and in recent years has leveraged its strategic location between the West and the East to increase its import/export business and to transit passengers and cargo around the globe.

    Khalifa Port & Industrial Zone

    The Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone is a new port and industrial area which is currently being developed at Taweelah halfway between Abu Dhabi island and the Dubai border. The project is estimated to cost over US$5.5 billion (Dhs28 billion) and includes the construction of a world-scale container and industrial port, and the development of over 100 square kilometres of industrial, logistics, commercial, educational and residential special economic and free zones.

    In the first quarter of this year, Abu Dhabi Ports Company awarded contracts to begin the construction of the new port set to be operational by the end of 2010, and two major earthworks contracts for the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone (KPIZ).

    The industrial zone will allow foreign firms majority ownership rights and will play a major role in Abu Dhabi’s industrial and economic diversification by serving as a key hub for large scale industrial investments that will be serviced by a state-of-the-art port, transport and other infrastructure facilities and services.

    One of the first projects to be located at the Chemicals Industrial City within KPIZ is Chemaweyaat Complex 1. It is expected to be the world’s largest grassroots fully chemicals integrated complex with a total production of around seven million tons per annum of olefins, aromatics, oxide and ammonia derivatives. The Chemaweyaat Complex 1 is expected to be complete by 2013.

    As well as chemical manufacturing, the zone will cater to base metals, heavy industry, trade/logistics, building materials, medium and light industry. A number of industrial players have already committed to establishing capacity at Khalifa Industrial Zone including a steel mill and Emirates Aluminium smelting complex, the largest smelter in the world, which will create 4,000 jobs for UAE nationals and produce approx 1.4 billion tons per annum. This strategic alliance between DUBAL and Mubadala will add value to the local energy sector and pave the way for new downstream industries to establish themselves in the world's largest industrial city.

    Ahmed Saeed Al Calily, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Ports Company, said: "Our objective is to act as an enabler for trade and development and facilitate its contribution to the national economy. In doing so, we will provide our customers and stakeholders with the highest levels of service in a responsive and transparent manner,"

    The new Khalifa Port will become Abu Dhabi's main shipping terminal, taking over from Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi city. The industrial area at Mussafah, which was to have a new port, will instead be linked by rail to Taweelah. KPIZ will create a gateway for the import of all cargo into Abu Dhabi and export of goods manufactured in the adjacent industrial zone. The port will handle 37 million tons a year of general cargo and five million containers by 2028.

    Jebel Ali Free Zone

    Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) was established in 1985 and is now host to over 6,000 international companies. One in seven employees in Dubai work for companies based in the free zone. Spread over an area of 49 square kilometres JAFZA, ranks as one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing free zones which since 2000 has grown over 330 per cent. The development of World Central and the opening of cargo facilities at Al Maktoum International will aid further expansion and the addition of the Jebel Ali Conference Zone and more office buildings opening up along the Sheikh Zayed Road will drive an increase in employees.

    World Central

    Attracting and transporting visitors through the UAE will be the job of Dubai World Central (DWC). The 140 square kilometres city taking shape in Dubai (close to the Abu Dhabi border) will provide an added impetus to the UAE's ambitious tourism expansion plans.

    DWC is providing a real estate platform for hospitality and leisure operators to construct their properties close to Al Maktoum International Airport and inland from Dubai Waterfront. DWC Golf City, DWC Commercial City, DWC Residential City, Dubai Logistics City and DWC Aviation City comprise DWC components.

    Al Maktoum International Airport

    Al Maktoum International Airport (JXB), is forecast to become the world's largest. It is being developed with the purpose of complementing the existing Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Formerly known as Jebel Ali International Airport and as Dubai World Central International Airport, the new name became official in November 2007, honoring the late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, former ruler of the Emirate.

    Managed by the newly established Dubai Airports company, the Dhs29.7 billion (USD8.1 billion) airport is the crown jewel of the 140 square kilometre Dubai World Central aviation complex, a six-segment multi-purpose aviation and tourism community.

    JXB will begin operations when the first passenger and cargo terminals are completed at the end of 2008, and will initially only handle freighter flights. In the second phase, starting mid 2009, it will be open for charter and low-cost carriers. Upon completion in 2015, the six million square metre airport will be the world's largest cargo and passenger hub with an annual cargo capacity of 12 million tons and a passenger capacity of 120-150 million passengers per year.

    Keeping pace with all this commercial and industrial development are some major residential communities clustered around the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border. These are being established to address the future accommodation needs driven by the UAE's economic expansion and will create much needed sustainable open space cities for future residents.


    One of the newest projects to be revealed is Sorouh Real Estate's Alghadeer, a major new development located at Saih As Sidirah on the Abu Dhabi–Dubai border.

    Bringing the concept of 'Easy Living’ to life, Sorouh is developing Alghadeer as a self sustaining community, which will host a variety of educational, recreational, social and commercial amenities.

    A mixed use development whose first phase is spread over three million square metres, the project is designed to make life easy for residents working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the surrounding major commercial and industrial developments. Alghadeer provides affordable luxury housing including apartments, town houses and villas.

    According to Mounir D. Haidar, Sorouh Real Estate’s CEO: “This is a prominent site with tremendous potential due to its accessibility to major highways linking all the commercial centres in the UAE. The site’s location at the Abu Dhabi–Dubai border places it in a unique position to meet residential and commercial demand from a broad area including many new industrial developments. While housing and living costs in Dubai continue to rise, Alghadeer offers a solution due to its proximity, extensive onsite facilities and competitive pricing.”

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  16. SaleemUk

    SaleemUk New Member

    Alghadeer for me

    wow, that's a good summary and reinforces the strength of the location. everything seems to be happening at or arounf Alghadeer and after 2.5 days at cityscape this week i believe Sorouh may be onto a winner with this project. Everything i heard was of prices in surrounding projects at over AED2000sqft and rising so if you managed to buy in here at launch prices mentioned above i don't think you can go wrong. Some friends were out from the Uk for Cityscape and apart from being blown away they saw Alghadeer as one of the top investments available. I was given a CD about Alghadeer by Sorouh and the parks, retail and business park look really great. i like the residential villas too - the design is high class but not over the top. let's see what the post cityscape months bring but Alghadeer is probably one of the safer bets for investment returns that i can see on the market here and now.
  17. wiseowl

    wiseowl New Member

    A Good Buy

    Investors urged to deal with major developers
    Staff Report
    Published: October 10, 2008, 00:27

    Dubai: Property buyers in the UAE should purchase apartments from major developers if they want to benefit despite a slowdown in price appreciation, a senior official said.

    "The major developers are standing on solid ground and this could provide much-needed comfort to end-users who have been putting their life savings into the UAE's properties," said M. Kaleem Khan, chief executive of NKR Properties.

    "The days of making a quick buck are gone. In the coming days the real picture will become clear."

    He said villas from renowned developers are still a good buy.

    "Projects developed by major developers such as Emaar, Nakheel, Dubai Properties, Aldar, Sorouh and Hydra will continue to appreciate. So end-users have nothing to lose or worry, even if the market corrects itself," Khan said.

    "Don't look for short-term gains. Look for long-term real value," he said.
  18. Hamed

    Hamed New Member

    Alghadeer Potential

    i agree with alot of what you investor experts say on the potential for Alghadeer and the location. this is a big advantage. the other advantage this location has is that it is earmarked as one of the first freezones in Abu Dhabi. i have this on very good authority from two nationals that are connected with the Executive Council and Abu Dhabi Chamber- they were saying that Sorouh will get a decree on freezone for Alghadeer soon. This would be a big deal in Abu Dhabi as there are only 3 other areas identified for this so far and Sorouh is well connected with government. The freezone will be another big boast for this location. hope this help, Hamed.
  19. Ammar

    Ammar New Member

    Hmm ..this is very fact I got 1 bedroom apartment in Alghadeer , it got the swimming pool view , 5th floor and 750 sq.ft... I'm planning to sell at AED 1800 per sq.ft if anybody is interested , PM me..... I know prices have gone as high as 1900/sq.ft but I just need to sell now.
  20. Hamed

    Hamed New Member

    Sorouh reports phenomenal interest in Al Ghadeer

    The Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer, Sourouh Real Estate, has launched Al Ghadeer, a new development at Saih As Sidirah, located at Dubai-Abu Dhabi border.

    Sorouh Real Estate announced that it has received phenomenal interest in its major new development Al-Ghadeer, located at Saih As Sidirah on the Abu Dhabi - Dubai border.

    Launched on the first day of Cityscape the project brings 'Easy Living' to life through a complete, self sustaining community hosting a variety of educational, recreational, social and commercial amenities.

    Al Ghadeer is a self-sustaining mixed-use development, driving home the concept of 'easy living', and hosts a range of recreational, commercial, educational and social amenities. Stretching about three million square meters in area, Al Ghadeer comprises apartments, townhouses and villas that make an affordable luxury living, designed for convenience of residents working in Dubai.

    The CEO of Sorouh Real Estate, Mounir D. Haidar, said "This is a prominent site with tremendous potential due to its easy accessibility to major highways that link most commercial centers in the UAE. The ideal location of the site at the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border helps in meeting the commercial and residential demand from a broad area, including new industrial developments. Considering the increased housing prices and cost of living in Dubai, Al Ghadeer is a welcome relief due to its reasonable pricing and extensive onsite facilities."

    Apart from advanced technological features such as WiFi, covering the entire community, Al Ghadeer comprises three schools (2 local and 1 international), apart from four junior schools. Other recreational facilities such as hotels, retail outlets, outdoor sporting facilities, cinemas and cafes, all networked through the green spaces and shimmering water bodies including a feature lake, together make a perfect living for those yearning to lead an active lifestyle.
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