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Algarve best place to invest still!

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by bainisteoir, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. bainisteoir

    bainisteoir New Member

    Just thought people would like to know that Portuguese banks are still offering great rates on mortgages unlike to UK. They are also not difficult to obtain. This is a good way to ofset the sterling/euro problem. This coupled with the fact there are still 5 and 6 star resorts being built a new F1 approved track and low density building overall make the Algarve a great place to invest still. Properties can still be had in beach locations for under 100k. Almost all UK airports also serve the Algarve all year and with great weather I believe it is much better tan any alternative.
  2. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
    As a F1 fan, i wish all the best to Tony Teixeira, the man that is trying to settle the A1 GP headquarters in Algarve, we also can`t forget the good work that Domingos Piedade is doing in "Autodromo do Estoril"

    Best regards
    Quinta dos Casais
  3. law

    law Member

    the very important developer in Alqarve Mr.Albahar

    died yesterday
  4. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member

    Sorry to hear that

    Best regards
  5. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Hi there, this is a warning, please stop telling eveyone how great the Agarve is. There are 2 million people in the UK looking for homes abroad and if they all came here ( I live here) I would never be able to get served at the bar!!
    Yes, we do have fab beaches, but please keep it a secret they`re full enough already and don't tell anyone about our fish restaurants, fresh caught delicious but not enough to feed two million.....and our sunshine is permanently out...........out of the question for foreigners as we want to ourselves.
    Our villas, apartments and golfcourses are for us, not to share, so please don't come I hate waiting to 'T 'off and don't want you livin' next door to me unless your nice. (which you probably are but I`m in the bar and don't have the time to get to know you).
    Coming to live in Portugal is not an easy transition so give it some serious thought. You will have to forsake things you are accustomed to which could cause great stress on you, think carefully. You will be living without your current job and will have to get used to lying on the beach all day (not easy). You will have to adjust to cheap alcohol (difficult) you will have to drive very carefully, we have no speed cameras, you'll really miss your home being broken into regularly (we can help you there). Your rubbish will be removed so regularly, they take it away before its put out, as much as you like and I know you will have a problem with this. The low taxes will bamboozle you, you'll think the friendly people after after something, they are......your friendship nothing more and you won't believe you get change every time you tender a tener....lots of it.
    So, with all these difficulties, I suggest you all stay away from Portugal its a best kept secret which we are'nt telling anyone about, especially that Sir Cliff Richards has been here since the sixties, grows his own wine and is a great hit. He's on a permanent 'Summer Hoiday' and so am I. There just ain't no space left.
  6. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Sounds great, check your email
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