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Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by mazi, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. mazi

    mazi New Member

    could people please share their views on Al Marjan Island please? They portray it as potentially similar to the palm islands in Dubai (obviously cheaper) prices 1000-1400 aed/psf still seem to be quite steep for RAK.

    do you guys see the prices justified in Al Marjan - being an hour away from Dubai - could you see it taking off soon?

    I am conscious that although the developers would like it to be portrayed as similar to the palms in Dubai, Dubai itself is a beachfront city and therefore the palms are part of that, whereas in RAK there is no city near Al Marjan (with RAK city centre being 27 kms away itself) and I am worried there is not enough purely tourist interest in Al Marjan or RAK. Any thoughts appreciated!:eek:
  2. Aryan Khan

    Aryan Khan Guest

    Well few of my good investors have bought many plots in Marjan island. And yes RAK will take a rise in prices soon as many of the projects which are being developed in Marjan island will get a good hold of tourist attractions. Plots original prices have alreasy gone upto 30 to 50 dirhams per sqft.
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  3. uaesmallguy

    uaesmallguy New Member

    I am a small time invested in RAK Al Marjan Island and would like an opinion of Select property, Pacific bay. I have 2 unit each 1 bed and would like to sell. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. asif08

    asif08 New Member

    seems like a lot of people want to sell their pacific properties...

    is this because of developer issues or currency / credit crunch issues??
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