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Al Furjan

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Khalil, May 28, 2008.

  1. Khalil

    Khalil New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Have'nt seen any threads on Al thought to start one.

    Anyone bought there? What do you think of the project and investment potential? When will construction start!!

    I got a 3 bed +maid (end unit) townhouse in Phase two... does anyone know when phase 3 will launch??
  2. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Anything like a villa will sell, hopefully the price was not high. How much did you pay, can we know.

    Al Furjan is a good development and you cannot go wrong there.


  3. Khalil

    Khalil New Member

    I think it's going to be a great development too....Actually the price was high when I bought it - 3.7 M for the end unit.
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Did you all have to fall over one another to get 1 unit. Would be interesting to know how you got it. Was it a booking system - OR - was it through some contact.


  5. Miss.A.P

    Miss.A.P New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have a cash buyer looking for a 3 bed end unit in al furjan phase 2.

    He does not want a O.P of more the 3.3m, and a premium of 9% net.

    Can anyone help...?
  6. Khalil

    Khalil New Member

    I guess that counts me out...

    I don't think anyone bought a Type A in Phase 2 for o.p. 3.3m

    Perhaps Type B
  7. Yasir

    Yasir Banned

    please gimme ur email id .. i will send you all the details to match ur requirement ..
  8. Miss.A.P

    Miss.A.P New Member

    [email protected]

    he will pay 10% premium all in, must be a 3 bed end unit phase 2.

  9. aadam

    aadam New Member

    Miss AP

    I have what you are looking for and I want to get rid of mine asap - Quortaj End Unit Type A - I sent you an e-mail - if you are still interested let me know - OP was 2.9 million. Park Access.
  10. nabeelc

    nabeelc New Member

    interested. kindly email details to nabeelc at gmail dot com
  11. khawaja

    khawaja New Member

    interested. kindly email details to khawajaproperty at yahoo dot com
  12. Mujteba

    Mujteba New Member

    Phase 2 Premiums

    Hi All

    My first post on this site!

    I have bought a Quortaj end unit in Phase 2 a townhouse type A. I bought this on the re-sale market with a 14% premium including transfer and commission. OP was 3,559,000.

    Does anyone have an idea when the premium will reach 20%? I appreciate it will reading into a crystal ball , but will be good to compare findings. I am looking to sell asap. What is the most premium i can ask for in this market do u think?

    Furthermore, do we know when phase D will coming out ?

  13. zoali

    zoali New Member

    If your townhouse in Furjan is still available, let me know asap. I have a cash buyer. Mail at
    re [at] iqragroup dot com
  14. Mujteba

    Mujteba New Member

    Hi Email sent, please confirm receipt.

  15. Khalil

    Khalil New Member

    Selling my Al Furjan:

    - 3 + maids
    - Terrace home Type A (End unit)
    - Hejaz style
    - Phase 2
    - Paid 20% - Next 20% May 2009
    - Can sell at 0% premium

    Note: Model homes are open for viewing at Furjan's new sales centre, I have live pictures.

    E-mail me for details: khalil78 at hotmail dot com
  16. Khalil

    Khalil New Member


    I want to create a group for Al Furjan Villa owners to address issues and provide updates. Please reply if you would like to paricipate.

  17. Small M

    Small M New Member


    I have 3 units phase 2, type B townhouses and I am interested in joining forces. I have sent Nakheel an email with regard to delays and payment schedule but no reply just yet.

    Lets see what we can do together!
  18. Mujteba

    Mujteba New Member

    Hi I am in as well, its amazing that for such a large development there are only a few threads. Anyway whats the situation like in Dubai at the moment? I cant believe the trouble i went through to buy a furjan only to see the price fall...anyway hopefully better news in the new year.
  19. Khalil

    Khalil New Member

    Hello Mujteba & small M, thanks for your reply.

    This is a large scale development (4,000 homes) as you said Mujteba. There must be a lot of owners out there in the same boat. Hopefully we can do something together. Nakheel already deffered the payments for Badrah owners, they should do the same for us or offer an alternative at least.

    I visit the Furjan site regularly to see progress and seen the model homes from the inside. I think its going to be a very nice project but nevertheless something needs to done given the circumstances.

    So far, after many many phone calls and following up, i got the following reply from Nakheel:

    We sincerely thank you for bringing to our attention all your concerns and we would also like to assure you Nakheel understands the same, we are sorry to write that we would be unable to accommodate your below request for a deferment of the Al Furjan payment schedule. Hence, the payment schedule would remain unchanged, we would appreciate if you could settle all the forthcoming due payments on time, and if there are any changes in future, we will keep you updated.

    We understand that the above decision is not as per your expectations,we thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

    However, you would be pleased to know Nakheel has stopped collecting the Accelerated payment and 2% assignment fee at the time of selling which makes it easier for clients to sell their property in secondary market.

    With regards to your concerns on the construction progress, you would be pleased to know that Nakheel is officially allowing its valued customers to visit the Al Furjan site office to view the infrastructure and construction works progressing underway at present.

    Let me know your thoughts

  20. Arno Salzl

    Arno Salzl New Member

    I am seriously willing to buy a type B middle unit quortaj townhouse terrace, phase 1, centrally and south oriented, for a long term investment. Prices at 0 premium seems attractive.
    However, I have been told by a real estate friend of mine that prices will continue to drop (he says wait another 3 months at least) or completely cancelled / reviewed by Nakheel. Any info about it?

    Since the dirham could also drop against the euro, it looks like I just have to wait.
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