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Al-ayhaa promenade

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by nutkenz, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. nutkenz

    nutkenz New Member

    Does anyone have any information about this promenade? For example;

    Is the planning definite? When will they start building it?
    From where to where will it extend exactly?
    Will it look anything like the golden mile / Village Road?
  2. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Hi Nutkenz, The only information I ever heard about a promenade in the Al Ahyaaa area was when we first purchased our apartment at Oasis Marina the old military road that runs between the front row villa's and the beach was supposed to be a 'promenade'. It became apparent as our purchase progressed that this road could not be a promenade as it belongs to the military and has to be kept as a service road, although there will be very little if any traffic on it. I guess once all the hotels and apartments on the main Al Ahyaaa coast road leading from El Gouna to Hurghada are completed in the next few years, shops and traders will start to fill any gaps and this area will have the same look as Village Road, but this will be some time off I'd have thought.
  3. nutkenz

    nutkenz New Member

    So there aren't any actual plans to demolish this old road and turn it into a promenade? They're destroying the military building in front of Rivera Beach Resort (I've been told) so maybe the road will be too?
  4. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Maybe it is in the long-term plans. All I know is that when we enquired about the military road, our solicitor confirmed it was remaining government property and Iraida were unable to actually own it, although they were given permission for it to be used as access. Regarding the main road, I haven't heard anything to suggest promenade, but then government plans can be in the pipe-line for years prior to being made public. I'm sure if anyone does hear anything they will post on here.
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