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    RERA Message

    I haven't invested much in Toronto Towers but never one to allow crooks to steal my money. After many many MANY emails to RERA, they finally responded and stated the following:
    "kindly informed that your project has been transferred to liquidation committee in Dubai real estate court to liquidate the project. Kindly send all your contact information to liquidation at rera dot gov dot ae
    to update your information in the system."

    Is this long standing saga and embarrassment to Dubai finally going to end??
    I'm sure Al Attar has caused many investors never to look at Dubai again and also severe embarrassment to the government.

    RERA contact number is 600555556
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    Some of AL attar projects were cancelled try to keep that in mind and they are being subject of liquidation.
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    i do have a question ...does everybody have their property registered in the OQOOD system
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    Do we need to register in Oqood ?
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    the developer is supposed to do the registration. you can check for same in your documents by looking for "INITIAL CONTRACT FOR SALE". if you have this that means your registration is done, if this is not done you may have issues proving validity of your Sales Purchase Agreement.
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    Well actually I don't have, So what is the next step ??
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    well in that case first check if the developer has charged you for he OQOOD registration??? if he has you charged you , you can force him to register the Agreement. if he declines to do so you can do it yourself . the charges for the Registration is 4% of the Purchase price of the Agreement. if he has not charged you, you can still do it yourself. However is the project definitely under cancellation with the Courts???
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    The project Toronto Tower was under cancellation but still no any news about it
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    Thought I'd humour myself and see if RERA have made any further progress. I emailed the liquidation department and they informed me to check with the 'Project Status Tracking Service' on
    Enter in the search field of the website as I couldn't find the link as it's not a user-friendly website.....yes, just another thing they can't do right.

    Not sure how old the details are below but here's what I found:

    Land Number 143
    Project Number 456
    Project Name TORONTO
    Project Location Warsan Fourth
    Project Adoption Date 23-01-2008
    Project Percentage 0.10
    Master Developer Name NAKHEEL .(P J S C)
    Trust Account Number 0204429873905
    Account Trustee Name EMIRATES NBD BANK (P.J.S.C)
    Project Status Cancelled
    Project Status Detail The project is registered in RERA for off plan sales and the records indicate that the project has been canceled and transferred to the liquidation committee of the stalled projects in Dubai Courts.For more information, please visit the website of the Dubai Courts Department at the following link:Dubai Courts : :
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    Can you tell us more news on global point
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    Toronto tower in the courts

    Could anyone in Dubai actually tell us what this means? that the cancelled projects are in front of the Liquidations committee ... what does this actually mean in reality?
    Any views? Does it actually mean I am going to get a cheque from someone? Or will it just be another pointless signature on another pointless piece of paper?
  14. Bulldozer

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    Any further updates from anyone on the Al Attar saga?
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    Hi all,

    I am not sure on the status of the Attar projects but I have made some enquiries recently at RERA/DLD re other cancelled projects.
    I visited RERA/DLD a few times after reading the article in the newspaper re the cancelled projects committee. Unfortunately I didnt get too far, simply being told that it was under review by the committee and to come back in a few months time.

    I managed to speak to a few other more senior people at DLD who suggested that a few of the projects had gone to the Dubai Courts for liquidation and release of funds to investors but the others have since gone back to RERA for further review. On my last visit there, we were advised to speak to a particular lawyer re the chances of recovery on each project. We are looking into that...

    Ultimately there must be money in the Escrow for any chance of recovery and although this committee should help matters, it will be a painfully slow process I would imagine.
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    Can you please tell me any info on how to get refund from al Ataar
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    Hello I also have invested into Polaris. As they transferred my Vancouver to this. But nothing since has happened. I would like to join in with you if that helps in fighting our case.
    Mrs sirah Hussain
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    We have invested in the Alattar project in JLT. Same situation as the rest of you. We had a reply to our numerous emails from TrustCare, part of RERA. They have told us that they have found a new developer and should speak to their lawyer Mrs Anu at [email protected]. I have made many calls and send many emails but without any reply.
    What I don't understand is if the project is cancelled why have they found another developer?

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    Here's a reply from Lawyer Point which someone stated was dealing with these crooks:
    Dear Sir,

    We would like to inform you that, we are not representing the Developer, M/s Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar.

    We have done the due diligence and found that the Project is transferred to Dubai Court for liquidation. Please note that, once the Project is listed for liquidation by Dubai Court the end users can register their claim through Dubai Court website and on auction of the Plot the Court will disburse the amount to the end users.

    So hopefully even if the land is auctioned off we should see our money back.
    Dubai is a paradise for developers who never wish to be caught by the law!
    Question - is there any law!?!!?

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