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ajman property

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Speedtek, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Speedtek

    Speedtek New Member

    Hi guys and gals.

    Im still looking at a good investment in Ajman. Does anyone know a few good genuine projects??

    I have found ::: w w w .

    It seems to be aro und 500,000dhs for a 1000sq.ft apartment or there abouts. its 1 bedroom...

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?? The piling is nearly started so it sounds really good to me???

    Thank you
  2. InfoGuru

    InfoGuru New Member

    Best Buys in Ajman

    The property prices do vary from region to region within Ajman. I would also look at this property in Emirates Lakes Towers. The prices are a little higher but this area is better and the payment plan is very good. You can get a full brochure on the property here. Emirates Lakes Towers Property3
  3. Speedtek

    Speedtek New Member

    That sucks, it makes me not want to buy anything in UAE.... :(
    Do you have msn man???
  4. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    Emirates lakes towers are good investments. I wouldnt reccomend buying if your hoping to sell as soon as the poster above me. Its best to understand that you should keep your property in ajman for at least 3 years from now. even better you should wait 5 years. Ajman requires you to have a little patience. Its exactly like Dubai 10 years ago and look where it is now. Alternativly if you want a little more piece of mind you should look at a studio based near where Dubailand is going to be. I would like to talk to you in more detail if your interested about a whole range of different angles to invest. Would you like to arrange something?
  5. kaku67

    kaku67 New Member

    so what u are saying i have to keep it till its ready ,like till 2011 . also why is payment not attached to construction . i know so many buildings havent even started and they taken 50 % deposit
  6. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    I say keep it for longer. You have a property that will increase around 30% a year realisticly. What is the point of selling it, only to purchase another that will grow at the same rate. That is assuming you are aiming to play the investment game of using ure capital gains to re-invest. I would personaly keep hold of the property for at least 5 years and get tennants renting it out so your increasing your incoming cash and at the same time increasing property value.

    How do you pay for your property? on a payment plan? over how long? These vary with developer and it is possible that you can pay your deposit depending on construction. For example lets imagine a 5 year payment plan on emirates lakes towers studio type E. The property price would be about £40k. Your deposit is 65% so about £28k. but that is payable over 5 years in increments every 3 months. so on completion you pay the remaining 35%. then you decide to sell or rent depending on weather you can afford the remainding balance.

    There are better deals out there that allow you to pay the deposit in increments as construction reaches various stages. The good thing is that if there is a delay in construction. your payments are deffered but your still making that capital growth. Have i answered your question. would you like any other advice?
  7. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    With regards to your earlier post Kaku67. The reason your not gettin any offers now is because the market hasnt matured yet. The end used market will mature within about 6-12 months after the property is completed. If you try and sell now you are in effect competing with the developers who sold you the apartment in the first place. Investors generaly want to buy straight from developers at the earliest stage of construction so selling yours now is a bad investment move and also a waste. You will feel regret if you managed to sell now and you realised the amount of capital growth your going to experience on completion. Your sitting on a future gold mine with emirates lake towers so i strongly advise to keep it until you start seeing high demand from end users. By that time we should see Property auctions becoming the craze which will guarantee a quick easy sale for you. Just email me if you have any quires or concerns. andrewgreenwood55 at hotmail dot com.
  8. kaku67

    kaku67 New Member

    i still dont get it , i have a appartment in jlt too . now its almost complete 90% paid . possesion on dec 2008 . i am asking 2000 per sq feet not getting it . and the develper has a few appartments which he is selling now with 70% now and 30% on completion that is dec 2008 ,he is asking 2600 per sq feet ,and in 2 days he has sold all of them . and no body buys from me , same building same floor . cant get it.
  9. 00greena

    00greena New Member

    What company are you dealing with. If you have Jumeirah lakes towers then your hands should be snapped off. Im going to see what i can do for you on that front. I may be able to find buyers in the near future. JLT are in extremly high demand. I dont know who organises your payments because they dont seem very good deals to me. Email me as much information as you can on all your properties, all the payments you have made and when. and your contact details and we shall find a way of getting your portfolio back on track.
  10. kaku67

    kaku67 New Member

    i have a appartment in jlt gold crest exeutive studio area 374 sq feet with parking i am asking 2000 per sq feet . also i have studio in elite 3 sports city.
  11. Joji

    Joji New Member

    Savannah heights

    I have booked a 2 B/R apartment in this building for few months ago. And till now i have paid first 2 installments. I called the developer office and they said ajmanproperty are the good one to trust. I can only hope that everything will go fine and the developer will also complete this project. But there is no guarantee if anything goes wrong because its a private party and Ajman has not yet made such a property laws similar to Dubai. I have another one bed room apartment in city area. So as much as i experianced with the Ajman property market it,s going very well and in future it will be much better. The only thing is that one should have a idea that it,s a big differnce between buying in the city area or outside from the city. If you want to buy in Al Humaid city or Emirates city so these projects will take few years to gain any resale market value.

    Best of luck!

  12. kaku67

    kaku67 New Member

    do u have any idea how much it costs to buy a apartment in ajman city . ready to mov???
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