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Ajman Prelaunch Property

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Property_Mad, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Property_Mad

    Property_Mad New Member

    Hi, im looking to buy 2 studios in Ajman. I have budget of around £60,000 for both studios. I would like to pay using a developers prepayment plan. Im looking for property to basically invest in. And when finally built i will sell one and rent the other. I am new to buying property in Ajman. If anyone can help i would very thankfull.
  2. iconoverseas

    iconoverseas New Member

  3. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    I can offer the last few remaining studio's in Burj Royale in Ajman, which is a part of the iconic 'Crest' project. This project consists of 5 towers, one of which will be the tallest tower in Ajman, Burj Manara.
    Furthermore, there will be a 1 million sq.ft shopping mall connecting all 5 towers below. The project is located directly on emirates road which is the main road to connect to Dubai.
    Putting all these factors together, will surely achieve great investment returns for you...
    Please contact me on [email protected]
    or 050 130 5822 for more information,
  4. iconoverseas

    iconoverseas New Member

    Please let me know if anyone is interest in below-market-value apartments in Goldcrest Smart Towers, Eye of Ajman. Prices start from AED 575 per sq foot which is an excellent price for these apartments that include LG Smart Home Technology.
  5. akramj

    akramj New Member

    Ajman property through Emerald View Properties

    Residential investment, vacation and employee housing available to U.S. and international buyers due to free hold property laws in the U.A.E. The same country Donald Trump is building the Tulip hotel.

    Good investment opportunity in an economy that is still growing. Those seeking INTEREST FREE payment plans and serious cash buyers have the best chance of benefiting from this investment.

    Prices starting at under $90K at the moment, the U.A.E. housing market isn't anything like the U.S. housing market is right now, and is highly solvent protecting it from the credit problems.

    There are lots of reasons to be diversifying through overseas pre-market property in the U.A.E. at this time. Emerald View Properties is a U.S.firm designed around the investors interest. Some of the reasons to consider this opportunity are listed below:

    •0% payment plans
    •No property tax
    •Demand higher than supply
    •Forecasted ROI
    •Pre-market prices
    •Complete investment facilitation
    •Business friendly regulatory environment
    •U.A.E. economy is still growing i.e. GDP increases

    Emerald View Properties is here to help you locate, screen and invest in U.A.E. property from the U.S. This service saves investors valuable research, travel, and facilitation services.

    For more information and/or individual consultation please contact akram at emvproperties dot com
  6. Think2010

    Think2010 New Member

    Resale Apartments for sale in Marmooka City, Ajman

    Freehold apartments for sale in Marmooka City, Ajman. We pay 15% so far. 5% every queater. completion 2011. resale price 550Sq feet plus 30K car park. 1 and 2 bedrooms available.
  7. financier888

    financier888 New Member

    Are you prepared to lose your entire investment? and not care? if so, by all means - someone will surely sell you the studios you are looking for in Ajman. There are many issues in Ajman and little in the way of investor protection an transparancy. Many projects have been cancelled and many more will die a slow death. I suggest you wait and do more homework BEFORE you invest OR - Better - buy one unit in Dubai where your investment is better secured and reputable developers with track records can be easily found...

    As you can probably tell,,, I am NOT a broker - but an investor

    good luck to you and remember... re-look at Ajman six months from now - or longer...
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