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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by really_true, Mar 11, 2009.

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    I am trying to collect a gropup of individual who can talk with star giga crest for
    repricing . Please inform any of your frinds who have an intrest in getting this project repriced . Just add your mail by adding it to the end by replying this thread
    Ill contatc soon with a group
  2. antcyn

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    sorry i got this site after browsing. i would like to know if there are any
    developments with goldcrest dreams property
  3. antcyn

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    your can call me 0505487945
  4. Kjarkata

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    Goldcrest Dreams project in Ajman has been cancelled which I assume based on reminders which the investors are getting from the developer as delay in 2 years from the contract completion date is approaching fast (31.07.2011, 2 years from contract completion date 31.07.2009). The devloper is trying to make all investors defaulters in payment to cancell and forfeit their payment so the developer does not have to refund after 31.07.2011.
  5. mysticman

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    Thanks for the update it was nice speaking with you.
    Same situation as all others on this forum with investments in GCD 1 project.
    Count me in for any concerted efforts.
  6. Kjarkata

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    Goldcrest Dreams

    I was informed that ARRA has issued a letter to Star GIGA on 2th May'2011 regarding their request. I am not sure what the contents of the letter are.
    Star GIGA is trying to make the investors default in payment and issue cancellation of contract without refund before 31.07.2011 (2 years from 31.07.2009)and seems like ARRA has supported their move.
    In the meanwhile star GIGA plans to send final payment reminders to support their evidence with ARRA/or court.
    Can any one in UAE check this our with ARRA and confirm.

    My opinion is the more we pay the more we lose, so I have decided not to pay a single cent and take the risk of losing what I have paid so far.
  7. mysticman

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    Goldcrest Dreams

    I am in a similar bind with a property in Bulgaria. The lawyers advise is to write to the developer canceling the contract before the deadline which in this case for Star Giga investors is July. I feel that this is the right thing to do and if you and other investors agree then we can share the expenses of a good lawyer who is willing to do this for us. Time is running out we can either sit back and watch whilst our hard earned cash goes down the tubes or combine our efforts and do something about it.
  8. hbn921

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    Urgent; Goldcrest Dreams- final notice of ovedue amount


    I truly appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue.
    We purchased a property in Goldcrest Dreams 2 in 2007. When the completion date revised and the project stopped, we stopped instalments like other investors. Last week, we received this Final Notice of Overdue Amount (dated May 10, 2011) to pay a lump sum money by June 10, 2011 to balance our payments to date otherwise the contract will be terminated and all our payments would go towards their damages. Also, they claim that they sent us prior notices of payments but the only documents we ever got were revised contract and the final notice.

    I looked through the web site that Star Giga provided in their letter as Support Desk (Q&A section) and there’s no way out of this messy situation. No compensation, no refund, no buy back...I know there are other investors out there with similar situation. I would like to know what we should do next. Is there any plan to deal with this situation? If the investors decide to hire a lawyer, what’s the guarantee that our money will be secured? Please let me know if anyone has any information. We have a limited time as per letter and we are about to lose our hard earned money. We don’t reside in UAE and this forum is our last straw. Thank you.
  9. dm_irl

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    I invested in a unit in Tower A of Goldcrest Dreams, Ajman and like hbn921 above, I received a Final Notice of Overdue Account from StarGiga saying that I have to make a substantial payment by 25/05/11 or else they will terminate the agreement as per Arra guidelines.
    1. Has anyone else in this situation obtained legal advice (preferably in UAE) as to how to proceed?
    2. MysticMan: the lawyer you referred to in your post: was he specifically referring to Goldcrest dreams when he said to send a letter to the developer requesting to terminate the contract?
    3. Mysticman: is there a specific clause/guideline in the arra guidelines to back up this action (request to terminate the contract)?
    4. Please add my email address to any updates on the situation: donaghm at g mail dot com.
  10. Kjarkata

    Kjarkata New Member

    I am sure everyone who has booked an apartment in GCD has got the same notices for payment. The contents seems to be the same for all letters, just change in apartment number and name/address which have been sent out. Infact, in the first letter they gave a period of 30 days to make payment but they send second notice within 10 days (even before the expire of 30 days). You can make it out from the letter reference number which has suffix 1 for first reminder and 2 for second reminder. I assume they will be sending out more of this reminders before sending out cancellation letters which they might have already prepared as they know that no one will pay them even a single cent, the purpose of the reminders I assume is to avoid refunding the investors money as per contract clause 16.1, i.e. after 31.07.2011.
    Is there any way we can send complaint to ARRA from overseas (outside of UAE)?
    If this option is not there, for sure ARRA must be playing this trick with th investors.
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  11. hbn921

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    As I mentioned in my previous post, we got the final notice letter due by June 10, 2011. We are planning to write a letter to Star Giga, cc to ARRA and mentioning that their claim of 31% completion (which is in Arabic and I didn’t understand a word of it) is not true, we didn’t receive the prior notices nor singed the revised contract and they soon will be in breach of contract regarding the completion and hand over date. We don’t have any intention to pay the money as they haven’t provided us with accurate construction updates.

    Is it wise to write such a letter or should we leave it at this and don’t communicate with them? Does this letter could keep us alive in the action or they still can cancel the contract and take the money?
    Any ideas?

  12. Aromadan

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    Please count me with you. i'm also a victim of Gold Crest Dreams project.I'm not yet an active member hence cannot give my email address as yet.050-9830703
  13. Aromadan

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    No, none that i know of except their insistence to have us pay all our pending dues which no-one is willing to do. we are all trying to get together so that we could all put our case together with a lawyer. the more ppl we get to join the better for all of us.
  14. Aromadan

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    hI, I was advised by another victime that we should at least register our complaint with ARA which i have duly done. pls go ahead and do that at least. i was wondering if we should at least write a letter to Star Giga stating that their demand is not acceptable to us. this way we will at least have something in hand to show that we responded to their notification.
  15. Aromadan

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  16. Aromadan

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  17. Aromadan

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    you could write a letter to Star Giga asking them to cancel your contract as there are three clauses in the contract that can be mentioned. clause 8.6, 13.2 and 16.1
    we are all doing this at the earliest. pls send it in registered post so tht u have proof.
  18. hbn921

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    Thanks for replies/comments.

    As per guidelines posted on ARRA website, the complaint must be submitted in person. Since we don’t love in UAE, we can’t do this step.

    So I decided to write a letter to Star Giga in response to their Final Notice of Overdue Amount which I had received about two weeks ago. In this letter I mentioned the reasons that they are in BREACH OF CONTRACT, referring to the contractual dates. In the end I asked to terminate the agreement and demanded full refunds including the interest, again based on the contractual clauses (16.1 and 13.2).

    I know they don’t care about everything we do, but I thought this is the least I can do.

  19. broken gcd dreams

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    act now

    Hi All
    I am have major problems with my apartments held with STAR GIGA ajman (gcd). ITS TIME TO TAKE ACTION as no one is doing anything about it, I have tried calling them, I have sent lots off emails and no one response’s. I have also been to Hunter &Hunter whom sold the apartments in the uk, they are simply trying to ignore this.

    I cant afford to loss what I have put in and am starting a campaign please join and lets all do something about these thief’s!!!!!!!

    my face book name is Jake Zaman

  20. Aromadan

    Aromadan New Member

    thanks shall do so. will also forward phone nos of ppl i know.


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