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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by queenie40something, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. queenie40something

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    Hi all

    Thought I would start this thread for recommendations for airport parking.

    We fly from Gatwick and the last couple of years we have used Skypark. We just drive in to arrivals and are met by a member of staff. He normally gives the car the once over and drives off. We then text them when we get our luggage and they are waiting outside for us. It normally works very well and we havent had any probs - we check the milo when we drop it off to make sure it hasnt been driven around - but last time we waited over an hour for them.

    They are however the cheapest I have found unless anyone else have any others they can recommend.

    Two weeks is about £80.
  2. SuziQ2708

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    We nearly always end up flying from Gatwick, particularly when we're going to Egypt. I usually search Gatwick carparking and take any specials on offer. In July we left our car at North Terminal long stay carpark using the Summer Special, it cost £48 for the fortnight. We left keys along with flight number behind reception desk and hopped on the Summer Special bus which took all of 5 minutes to drop us outside the departures, the bus operates approx. every 20 minutes 24/7. Upon our return our car was ready and waiting and we were back on the road within an hour of landing. It's best to search for offers early as you get better deals. I booked this one about 4 months before our departure :)
  3. distant dreamer

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    For the last couple of years we have used Maple Manor Parking at Gatwick. Book it over the internet and its only £5 per day. They meet you at departures and we usually only have to wait around 10 minutes for them. Never had a problem with them so far.

  4. dave99

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    Hotel with Parking Gatwick -

    Anyone know any good deals for hotels with parking near Gatwick.
  5. danny

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    I have stayed at the Gatwick Worth hotel a couple of times, 3 star free airport shuttle 24hrs a day 10 minutes from the airport, reasonable rates and has a sports centre next door. You would have to check for current rates. Another in the same area I have used is Effingham Hall which is 4 star and has swimming pool and gymnasium with 24hr airport shuttle.
  6. dave99

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    Thanks for the info.
  7. agentyumi

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    We stayed for four days in Little Foxes Hotel. The Hotel was the one who arranged our transportation to the airport. The staffs were so friendly. What I love most in that place is the comfortable atmosphere. By the way, my brother and his wife also had stayed there on their last wedding anniversary and they were also satisfied with the hotel’s service.

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