Aheloy Beach Residence

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by rocchio, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. rocchio

    rocchio New Member

    Hi has anyone got any news on Aheloy Beach Residence??? When will building work commence ???
  2. englishjohn

    englishjohn New Member

    does anyone know of any developments that were half done during the recession that are completed or work has started up again.i bought into the selena residence in nessebar.

    HAPPYJO New Member

    aheloy beach

    Aheloy beach residence has a new name Midia Grand Resort !!!!!!
    As far as I am aware everyone who invested in Aheloy has lost there money including us, if anyone know differently please post a reply. Our legal advice suggests we will get nothing as it has been to court. :(
  4. redondo

    redondo New Member

    yeah the legal system in Bulgaria is still far from good...
  5. jmates

    jmates New Member

    Any developments?


    I am wondering if any one has any news also? I'm studying law in Ireland but is of no use in Bulgaria unfortunately.

  6. martin_bachvarov

    martin_bachvarov New Member

    Hello, I live in Aheloy. As I know, Midia Grand Resort works as a hotel now. I can check out for some more information next week and then I can answer you. Anyway, there are some other alternatives there.

    HAPPYJO New Member

    Has anyone heard of Laka Villas we signed over Aheloy Residence (unfortunately) and now have shares in Laka Villas Bourgas It is so frustrating as we don't know what other people have done.
  8. maestroo

    maestroo New Member

    Had lots of problems with bureaucracy in Bulgaria and gave up from buying anything there.

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