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Agents and intermediaries: any experience with these....?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by ExpatNick, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. ExpatNick

    ExpatNick New Member


    I understand that there may be many agents on these pages, and I may even be requesting information on companies that post here, but does anyone have any experiences they'd like to share about the following organisations? -

    - Platinum Overseas Properties
    - International Property Investment Network (IPIN)
    - Fresh Property Co
    - IP Global
    - Dream Homes Worldwide
    - Ready2invest

    Please bear in mind that the laws of the land prevail here also, so nothing libellous please!! If you're happier sending info privately then I'm happy receving PMs - everything will be kept confidential.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Lysos

    Lysos New Member


    There are many comments about Ready2Invest on the Singing Pig site.
  3. andyintheworld

    andyintheworld New Member

    Hi Nick,
    I advise on property, mortgages and investments - just so you know!

    I tend to stick to the areas I know a lot about and have visited a lot or in many cases actually lived in.
    I have a pool of investors I have dealt with in the past who I get a fair bit of repeat business from - I also acquire new business and I have many past clients who have bought holiday home and retirement/lifestyle properties - there is a huge difference between the two.

    I know a lot about Caribbean and Central/South American markets as well as Spain. I know a bit about a lot of other places but generally not enough to give great advice. So when I am asked about somewhere outside of my area I generally run into the same problems as you.
    I am asked to source something on their behalf - which leads me to the very same websites you have mentioned - looking for good local agents to work with.
    But there is where i generally find the flaw...

    What I generally find is - international or multinational agents with 20 or 30 countries and 100 to 200 developments are basically resellers/promoters and have little or no knowledge of the properties they are selling. They are not really advising - they are selling.

    I have found this time and time again by calling up - as a client - and just asking the questions that clients ask me - about the country - about local taxation laws etc.
    So, if you need ADVICE - avoid resellers and sales agents. Pretty much avoid most of the UK based agents. They are almost all just resellers who have swallowed a pitch.

    If you do all your own due diligence and research and are an experienced investor - then you should quite easily be able to source developments yourself and go direct.

    If you do need help - search property forums INSIDE the country you are thinking about purchasing in.
    There will usually be a lot of expats there who have been down the road you are about to tread.
    I wouldnt suggest jumping in and asking for a recommendation there and then but you can read up and acquire a bit of "local knowledge" before you even think about approaching an agent.

    So in a nutshell - the more "international" and "generic" a site is - the less useful they will be to you information wise - in my experience.
  4. Chazlit123

    Chazlit123 New Member


    Is there any particular reason that you are looking for information about these companies?
  5. ExpatNick

    ExpatNick New Member

    Info sought as all info is useful (within reason).


    Simply that I'm considering opportunities that they are all promoting.

    Any particular reason for asking?
  6. Chazlit123

    Chazlit123 New Member

    well just that i have heard of a few of these companies before and i was just intrigued as to why you wanted info on them.

    i know a little about some of the developments that platinum are promoting as i have looked at some of their stuff myself.
  7. layangardens

    layangardens New Member


    What parts of the world are you interested in?

    We are one of Phukets leading developers, with over several completed sold out developments in the area and we have some available plots left in our new developments Layangardens and lunaphuket
    We have also won many awards in the industry and we believe we are a very informative company not only too our clients, but too general investors in Thailand.
    Therefore if you wish to ask us any questions about Thailand and especially the superb island of Phuket, please don not hesitate to contact me at the following addresses.

    Yours Sincerely

    Anthony Moorhouse
  8. SusieC

    SusieC New Member

    Why do you ask nick?

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