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Agent/Developer wanted in US

Discussion in 'North America Real Estate' started by konners121, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. konners121

    konners121 New Member


    I have an overseas property agency based in the uk and want to add a project in America to my portfolio as I am getting a lot of requests for property in America, can anyone recommend someone to me?


  2. karaman

    karaman New Member

    Do you have certain state where the Realtor or Real estate agent should be? If you would write this question on Trulia (trulia dot com) many real estate agents will answer you promptly. However you have to know the state first I guess.

  3. mscott

    mscott New Member


    I think that we could help you in your property search. We've been working on distressed deals directly from banks and have been taking advantage of a number of properties left undervalued as a result of the current economic environment. We have contacts throughout the US which give us versatility in our ability to assist in finding properties that suit the needs of any investor. It's a great time to get into the US market; let me know if this is something you are interested in speaking further about.
  4. PhilBe

    PhilBe New Member

    I can help you in your quest for bank owned property foreclosures in the U.S, in particular Florida.
    All manner of properties are available ranging from 2-3 bedroom condos to repossesed developments.
    Prices begin at circa $75k generally 50% below current valuation and 70% below "peak".
    Hope this is what your looking for.:)
  5. geoliza

    geoliza New Member

    I can help your clients purchase any type of real estate through out US. Please email me your clients real estate needs and requests and I will be happy to assist.

  6. samirazar

    samirazar New Member


    There a so many options out there! You have realtors doing short sales and now REO's, you have power brokers trying to do bulk deals and note sales. The last few years have not been very easy for real estate professionals in the US.

    Our company has been very quiet looking for the right time to get back into the market. We have been in business for 23 years and focus on finding the developers with the best incentives, and we manage and establish rental strategies for all of our clietns. We don't just conduct a sale and say good bye!

    We are currently focused on one particular new building in Miami Beach. It is luxury and we have negotiated deep discounts from the developer's bank.

    We have a turn key buying opportunity with private lending in place, only 10% down for non US buyers. All closing cost are included, no out of pocket and all furniture is included, no out of pocket. We will lease it back for 3 years and pay all the expenses for your client, so no out of pocket after the purchase.

    We can only offer such great benefits in this economic time, we are excited about it.

    Please contact me at 239-560-9988 or google universal miami for our company web site. for more info or if Florida is not the place for your I can refer you to a reputable company some place of your choice.
  7. Willison

    Willison New Member

    Venice, FL Commercial Real Estate

    One of the Best agent and developer is TC group development offers Gulf Coast commercial real estate for Sale, Lease or purchase space within Galleria On Venice Avenue at affordable competitive rates. Visit: Tcgroupdevelopment
  8. wendyIBXcircle

    wendyIBXcircle New Member

    Land Sales

    If you are looking at land, I offer unlisted residential coastal properties throughout the Inner Banks of North Carolina. Single lot to entire communities available. Please call me for more information if interested... 1-800-916-3864. I am a broker/land consultant and owner of IBX Circle, a land company.
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