Affordable Properties or Luxury Properties?

Discussion in 'India property' started by Patra01, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Patra01

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    You will agree with me that Global Market situation for real estate property investment is in stable. However the market condition is improving day by day and most of the builders are focusing to invest in affordable properties rather than luxurious properties. Because properties buyers/customers are more interested to invest in affordable properties rather than premium or luxurious properties.

    What is your suggestion? Do you believe that buyers are doing the good at right time? Share your opinion and suggestions!

    Have a great day!
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  2. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    It all depends on the Budget and Location where you are going to invest.Suppose if you are interested in luxuary property but location is not good.Then you will not get good resale. Overall It all depends on location and whether it is affordable or not.
  3. dishu

    dishu New Member

    In India the maximum population fall into the middle class. they are only interested in buying affordable properties so that they can make some profit by reselling the property.
    I think this is the only reason for people to buy affordable properties as compared to luxury properties.
  4. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    I also agree with that, most of the Indians are middle class so they cant afford luxurious homes.
  5. It all depend upon your taste, budget and location. I suggest you to look for luxury property at affordable prices.
  6. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    Please tell us how can we find luxurious property at affordable prices. According to me it is next to impossible to find luxurious properties at affordable rates.
  7. AnubhavSaxena

    AnubhavSaxena New Member

    Invest with Vigneshwara

    Yeah I agree, but most of the people are investing in properties just to make future backup and till then they will get return of their investment. According to the current time most of the investors are investing in Vigneshwara Developers that changed the real estate property funda by offering 12% assured return for 5 complete years.
  8. sharma

    sharma Banned

    Buyers are definitely doing it right , they can only invest what they have, what is affordable to them, its risky investing beyond their affordability
  9. shilpa

    shilpa Banned

    In India more than 60 - 70% buyers will look for affordable properties. Their first preference is to buy affordable property. People have adjust to their life style, if they have money they will spend , if they don't then they will obviously look for affordable property.
  10. JenniferKelly

    JenniferKelly New Member

    Buying a property in not an acting which take's place in every month. Now a common man wants to buy a luxurious property at an affordable price.
  11. satyendra650

    satyendra650 New Member

    I also agree with that, most of the Indians are middle class so they cant afford luxurious homes.
  12. anniee

    anniee New Member

    Yes Patra I agree to your points that most of the builders targeted to build affordable housing projects rather than the luxury projects since Government offers more funds for affordable housing projects so it is convenient and easy to focus for Builders and Developers for affordable housing projects rather than the luxury projects.
  13. nidhisharma091

    nidhisharma091 New Member

    Now a days,as everyone want their own buys need home at affordable price than luxurious lifestyle.
  14. highrise

    highrise New Member

    thats why the builders are coming up with such innovative ideas to bring the common man in the spotlight.
  15. ihpuser

    ihpuser New Member

    When it comes to High class people then they go with luxury properties at luxury cost and we talk about middle class people then they go with affordable properties at affordable price.
  16. markpeterson

    markpeterson New Member

    But nowadays, most of the developers offer luxury properties at affordable rates. Also government offers some affordable housing scheme.
  17. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    Major shifts in the demographics of a nation can have a large impact on real estate trends for several decades and hence you cannot predict the situation of investments tomorrow..
  18. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    investments should be made for future rather than geting some profits now.. hence investments must
    be made to get that benefits..

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