Advocacy's Fee???

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Hi everyone.

I would like to know general advocacy fee for a court case.

My problem is I bought a property in international city from property company (not from Nakheel) , is fully paid. My original property value is 517000AED

This property company promised me that they would send me sales agreement but they never sent any documents but receipt of money.
Sales agent charged me so called "2% commission fee" of property value.
Sales agent wanted 2% commission fee transfered to his personal bank account directly and property company are aware of this.
Property company charged me 2% registration fee of Property value.

Many times I've complained about this illegally charged money (2% commission fee),and sales agreement but they ignoring the issues and refusing to handover of my property saying there is small amount of money outstanding.

They send me the following information.
Contract price: 284400AED
Due amount: 120AED
Yearly Maintenance Fee: 5667AED
Title Reg. 1% of Sales Value: 2844AED
Documentation charges:2500 AED

What do you think? Do I have a winning case if I sue this company?
And what would be more or less advocacy and/or legal action fee in Dubai?

Any comment will be appreciated.

Best Regards

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