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advise on good investments

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Mark.Taylor, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Mark.Taylor

    Mark.Taylor New Member

    Hi guys,
    i'm kind of new here in the country, can anyone please recommend a good projects that i can invest in.
    Thank you
  2. Mark.Taylor

    Mark.Taylor New Member

    thanks for the reply
    for now i'm looking actually for an apartment that i can live in with paying monthly installments, i have looked around, but what i found are only unfinished projects, is there anything similar to this, like in turkey i have bought a house the same way
  3. Saad Arif

    Saad Arif New Member

    Hey Mark,

    The option of buying a ready to move in property and paying a monthly instalment while you are staying there is something that isn't available so easily or I would say, totally unavailable.

    The only properties where you will be allowed to make monthly/ quarterly instalments are the one's that are still under construction, called off-plan properties in Dubai.

    Perhaps you should look into a property that is near to handover, negotiate on payment terms with developer to give you a payment plan that lasts for 2-3 years even after the handover of property as well.

    If you need any help related to that, do let me know.
  4. Mark.Taylor

    Mark.Taylor New Member

    Yeah that would be great
    it is really a waste to pay a rent here, especially with this insane rates
  5. muqtada123

    muqtada123 Banned

    Look for the new property projects being introduced in recent times and grab your piece of cake, i m sure you can find good deals for better ROIs.
  6. kristy

    kristy New Member

    Thanks Mark.Taylor by your ques, I have gain new knowledge about it. My friend has also need it like this.
  7. Mark.Taylor

    Mark.Taylor New Member are welcome :)
  8. slick154

    slick154 New Member

    Hi Mark,

    try having a look on, i would recommend you buy in areas which have already been built and have matured out in or somethings which has already been developed ready for handover.

  9. Sunita Sharma

    Sunita Sharma New Member

    Investments made in Real Estate is very fruitful in terms of profit. As land/ home is appreciated as years pass.


    Yet be a cautious investor and avoid some simple mistakes which generally investors do. I thought of listing them down here:

    Don't think you'll "get rich quick." as soon as you invest.
    Don't pay too much - Do research for the market price of the property and than finalize the deal. You have the money to invest but your hard earned money should be invested well
    Calculate the Estimates - If buying a home or investing , do the calculations as per the current market price and do not miscalculate the returns on yr investment.
    Misjudging Cash Flow - If the aim is to invest , hold and than rent it out, than you need good amount of cash which will be needed for maintenance purpose.
    Have Plans About your Property - Many people get stuck with their property and the only option they are left with is to sell it. Instead have 2 to 3 plans, offer it in the market for resell, offer lease - purchase, or hold the house and rent it out, or the wholesale option - is to sell to other investor below the market price in which you will still earn profits but in its least.
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  10. jesscageorger

    jesscageorger New Member

    I have to smile at your question. You could buy a small apartment in one of the London Suburbs with that money, but you will also have to pay tax, rate etc.
    Secondly- have you spoken to a financial advisor about the implications of investing abroad: there is more too it then just buying the house/ apartment. There are plenty of housing scams on the net and you could be ripped off if you are not on-site of your investment.

    Get proper advice before you part with a penny
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