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Advice on solicitors

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Di2007, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Di2007

    Di2007 New Member

    Please can anyone give me advice on a good solicitor here in the UK or Dubai, that i can trust to help me oversee my new investment in Jumeirah Village as I have questions that still need to be asked!

    Many thanx

  2. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    Hi Di2007,

    Please could you forward on any advice you get as I too have purchased in Jumeirah Village South and have questions that need answering from my developers!!!

    Either PM me or just post it here. Thanks.
  3. Di2007

    Di2007 New Member

    I certainly will if I get any, but was hopeing you would have some advice to tell me about your purchase! but it seems we could both be in the same boat.. Have you got a lawyer involved?

  4. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    Hi Di2007

    Unfortunately, I didn't get a lawyer involved, which I regret now with benefit of hindsight. My concern at the moment is that progress is slow in Jumeirah Village South and I have overpaid my instalments, on the proviso that the developers may charge me penalty on defaulting payments, despite the project still being a non-starter. Getting a lawyer involved would at least give me some reassurance that the devlopers can't manipulate the situation the way they want.

    Keep me informed.
  5. loai

    loai New Member

    Keydixon lawyers are probably the best in town (Dubai)
    There telephone is 04 332 3325
  6. Di2007

    Di2007 New Member

    Many thanx for that... I assume you are saying they are the best by your own experiences!?
  7. Andromeda

    Andromeda New Member

    Dont waste your money, the contract will be stacked in the developers favour.

    Read it yourself and you will probably see that there is nothing you can do.

    Even if you are in the right, is the developer going to rearrange his plans just for you?

    Better to just go with the flow and dont be naive enough to think that your building will be ready on time.

    You should have factored the delays into your plans.

    This is the reality.
  8. samar

    samar New Member

    Sorry, I would like to disagree with Andromeda. The fact is that the companies make the contract and present this contract to buyers. Buyers are neither solicitors nor have easy access to right solicitor. Further the time period given for signature is usually 7 days. I can even say that the payments are always linked to the construction, sometimes they are linked to specific stages of construction such as Foundation and Structure etc. When they are not linked to a specific stage they are (or at least they should) be linked to general progress in construction. It is in my opinion very stupid to think that because the 'contract' schedule leaves 20% for completion. Why would a developer want buyer to pay 80% of the cost when there is no sign of structure.

    I think if many buyers/investors approach Dubai authotities such as RERA or Dubailand with their concern, it is very likely that the Law will be amended to something like " If the start of project is delayed then the developer will ask buyers to pay more than 25% of the total cost".

    Hope buyers of Dubai property will high light the names of such developers so that at least these developers lose some business in their future project, this seems to be the only way to tell the un-ethical developers to change their attitude towards their customers.
  9. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    How very true. You just cannot do anything as the developer is covered on the contract. RERA is in no position to help.

    If you are having problems. Sit and make peace with the devloper. I deferred the payments on 2 investments by sitting down and talking with them.

  10. samar

    samar New Member

    I believe everybody allows sometime for delays but if the projects do not even start several months after starting payments then there is genuine reason for concern. Now many companies have schemes where you have extended time for payments such as 2 to 3 years.
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