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Advice on NE Brasil property market

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Azucar, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Azucar

    Azucar New Member


    I recently spent 3 months in brasil and fell in love with the country, particuarly the NE area - Salvadore, Natal and Pipa. I also could not believe the abundance of great afordable real estate. Can anyone direct me to information regarding increased valorisation on property in brasil and in particular the above areas. thanks!

  2. Diatribes

    Diatribes New Member

    Dear Ben, i am also interested in purchasing a property in the NE. Looking for a bargain with great potential in capital appreciation. If you know of any please keep me posted. Thank you.
  3. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    If you contact our office we can give you figures on Pipa and the Natal area. Salvador I can't help you with as we don't really deal with there yet.

  4. 10km

    10km New Member

    Not sure if i am on the right thread here .

    When i was in Natal last year I visited the Porto Dos Corais development in Maracajau .

    At that time i was told that they would be building some (approx 10 ) front line villas a few hundred metres from this development . Does anyone know if this has happened ?

    Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated .
  5. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Were these villas part of Porto dos Corais or are you talking about Maracajau villas?

  6. 10km

    10km New Member


    Rob, Maracajau Villas front line, not within the Porto Dos Corais development .

  7. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Sorry I can't tell you about Maracajau Villas, but next time I go past I will have a look. I will ask around as well so I might have an answer for you before then.

  8. Titan

    Titan New Member

    I know a few realtors in Paraiba, where you can still purchase beach properties fairly inexpensive. They are also helping my father-in-law to build his house.
    You can find some posts here, Marklad is their profile.
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  9. Andy100

    Andy100 New Member

    Hi Azucar

    Brasil is an easy place to fall in love with , having said that don't go buying a property here just based on emotions , as a suggestion invest some time in reading the "General buying and selling tips" and "Cost of living in Brasil" threads on this forum , you will find a lot of valuable information , learn a lot and hopefully prevent your dream turning into nightmare.

    Good luck...........................Andy
  10. Neil T

    Neil T New Member


    Would be interested in hearing from people who have purchased a property in Brazil in the last 6 months or so. What do they feel the real impact of the global down-turn has been on property prices in Brazil? Can they estimate how prices are moving, based on the research they did to buy the property? Are the prices quoted on various real estate sites realistic or are they inflated for overseas buyers? If so were they able to negotiate on price significantly? Finally, did they feel that they would recommend the lawyers / agents they used to others?

  11. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Hi Neil

    I can only quote from our personal experiences having moved to NE Brazil
    some 18 months ago.

    Yes, we bought here.

    Where we are the global crisis has had no impact at all. Absolutely none.

    Locally prices are increasing, despite all this, elsewhere in Brazil perhaps not.

    Be very, very careful when buying and trust nobody.

    Do you own DD.

    Negotiation is always possible in Brazil!
  12. Igor Graziany

    Igor Graziany New Member

    well, i visite dalmost every coast state in Brazil, Rio de janeiro is amazing, its geografy is almost perfect, too bad the violence is spreading too fast.
    Salvador didnt impress me, so i'd recomend natal or Paraiba.
    hoewer, as far as i know, natal is a bit more expensive to live in. so my vote wold go to Joao pessoa, paraiba.
    The prices are lower than the others states, and the place itself seems very charming and wellcoming.
  13. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    In popular spots I haven't seen any drop in prices, more the opposite. The only drops I have seen are for apartments in Ponta Negra in Natal mainly because there is an oversupply of tower blocks there. I have also seen significant drops in prices of some developments/plots targeted to overseas buyers in RN (Natal) and PA (João Pessoa), but these were overpriced to begin with, in bad areas and/or of dubious quality anyway.

  14. Neil T

    Neil T New Member

    Thanks for the info Rob
  15. Neil T

    Neil T New Member

    Thanks very much for the advice. Cheers Neil
  16. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    As the other posters have mentioned - the impact so far of the global economy down turn on Brazil property prices has only really affected the developments which were targetting the overseas markets - many of which were overpriced to start with.

    Regarding prices quoted on various real estate sites being realistic or not - it all depends on which site you look and which development they are promoting. Some sell only developments geared for overseas investors, others sell developments geared to the locals and some mix it up a bit. The developments which are being built for foreign investors/people looking for holiday homes have a higher tendency to be more expensive than the developments geared towards Brazilians. Whether that higher price is justified by the differences in end product (Overseas buyers and local buyers tend to look for different things) is for you to to decide.
  17. markland

    markland New Member

    Purchase Properties

    Hi Neil,

    The global down turn, as you put it, did not affect at all at least Joao Pessoa and surrounding areas , but as several people advice you be very carefull with whom you are doing business with ... I do recommend you use a "real" lawyer ... :rolleyes:

    Bye for now
  18. PPD

    PPD New Member

    property prices

    I have been living and working in Joao Pessoa over the last year and in my view the worldwide financial crisis has had very little effect on property prices or demand. There are less foreign purchasers, but still many Brazilian buyers.

    If you are buying in any foreign market, you need to do the research or it is very easy to over pay!
  19. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Welcome to the forums PPD :)
  20. Brazilian Homes

    Brazilian Homes New Member

    Impact of Global crisis in Brazil and value developments

    The global crisis has affected Brazil as well to some extent. The biggest hit here was that the export companies had bought future contracts of currency....and took big losses when the R$ lost some of its value. However, only 14% of the Brazilian GDP is export based as the remaining 86% is purely from the domestic market. Car sales slowed down as well, but the economy is doing pretty well still due to strong domestic demand, even tough growing at a slower rate than last years. The areas most affected are more in the south where the bigger factories are (export companies) that had to lay of staff.

    The property market hasn´t really been hit yet, but some projects that are targeted only at foreign buyers, have indeed been affected. The question here about some projects being targeted at foreigners are "over priced", is a broad question as there are so many factors that come in. Land cost per unit, density, qualities, architecture, infrastructure, material purchasing and negotiating, materials used, construction technique etc, in all, a book could be written on the subject. We deal with property funds and do development appraisal studies, and believe me, it does cost money to do good projects.
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