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Advice on buying for personal use

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Ana, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Ana

    Ana New Member


    I am moving to Dubai in spring 2009 and am considering buying a one bedroom or studio appartment/house for myself to live while I study. I'm not really looking to rent out or make money, but of course I'd like to live in a good envoirnment and perhaps sell or rent out in the future if I leave.

    Any recommendations for a good agent? I'm not from Dubai so I don't want to be ripped off :p I found Better Homes through google. Are they any good?

    The main reason I'm going to Dubai is to study at American University in Dubai, so what are any good properties around the area?

    TIA for any help :)
  2. AbraCadabra

    AbraCadabra New Member

    AUD is close to the Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence as well as Jumeirah Lakes and the Emaar Emirates Hills Development (Springs/Meadows). Better Homes is one of the more reputable agents around. Goodluck.

    P.S. You didn't ask, but if you want my advice.. Wait. The market has not yet bottomed out.
  3. Ana

    Ana New Member

    Thanks for the reply! How long would you recommend I wait? School won't be waiting for me though :p
  4. zombie

    zombie New Member

    What I would do is some research on prices in ready developments, There are a few, bot not that many, e-mail some agents for information & then sort out your finance, property ain't cheap in dubai, if you are coming as a student, i suggest live like one.

    However if you can afford it then do go ahead & buy. Sure prices are falling, and soon with the way things are, the rental demand will also cool down(What with the layoffs & people going back home). Also hope you will get entry on the basis of a student visa, an investor visa against property if given is very expensive.


  5. sammy1003

    sammy1003 New Member

    Property in Marina/JLT

    Hi Anna,

    I have few very good options for properties in the Marina and JLT. Just let me know if you need any help.
  6. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Idea of renting out is good. When you want to sell you would get the money you have invested for sure.

    Don't rush, you have a lot of good deals going around. JLT / Marina are the good areas which could suit you.

    Times have changed. Earlier the agents didn't have time for you. Now they might even meet you at the airport :D

    Talk about the tables turning in your favor :cool:

    Advise is don't rush, wait for the good deals to come in. Rent for the first month or so.


  7. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    not many students buy property next to their university

    and i guess you don't need finance from banks as you will be buying all cash

    so it doesn't make any difference for you to buy now or later

    otherwise if the above doesn't apply to you have you thought of renting it out

    after all you wont be studying for ever
  8. AbraCadabra

    AbraCadabra New Member

    Yep.. I'm loving that too :) . I remember calling around about a year ago with serious interest in buying and being asked "Do you have bank finance pre-approval yet? Call us when you do".

    It's nice to see the agents get back to earth.
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