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I think looking for the best place in Turkey depends on what sort of investment you are looking for. If it is a quick return then unfortunatelly it does not happen any longer. The market is well saturated but if you can wait a couple of years for a nice return then I think Dalaman area is the best place to invest in Turkey after Istanbul. Dalaman is a small place with some of the most beautiful scenery and bays you would ever find. Close to the Airport, right in between two most popular resorts in Turkey, Fethiye and Marmaris, 15 mins drive to the Gocek Marina, 8 mins drive to the only golf course in the area and a great pottential for buy to let investment due to the new NATO Sea Base being built nearby. The properties are going rather cheap and I can tell you that the quality is much better than most resorts.
But always remember, get a good lawyer!! Do your research !!

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When you are considering of buying new property, it is very important to have a survey or valuation before you legally commit to buy it. You maybe paying too much for it or there is a very important lack that you are unaware of or defects and conditions that are unable to be fixed easily.

I personally recommend you seek an assistance to buy a property in Turkey.


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Hey Egle,

Are you saying a town with an airport cannot have a university?
Are you also saying a town with a university cannot have a beach?
I am not looking for a tenant and with my location, i never will be!!
I never suggested Istanbul had beautiful beaches,

Apart from that, your thread is pretty accurate,


Hello to everyone and to stymie ;),

I am really not sure about what did you write.
If you are close to the airport, you really can't be close to universities or especially close to the beach. So here is something wrong :)
If your place is so perfect, it means you should have a queue of people who wants to rent your place. But if you are writing here, it means your "perfect" place is empty and you are looking for renters ;).

And the main thing is, if someone is looking for something beautiful and on the beach, I really am not sure the best place for this is Istanbul.
Istanbul is great city. But for something beautiful on the beach people choose one of perfect Turkish resorts.
Who wants really noisy place, choose Marmaris, Antalia, Kemer, because here are a lot of Russian tourists and as tourists they really are terrible :D. Who wants more quiete, more polite place, choose Kusadasi in first or Bodrum, because especially in Kusadasi are more British, German, Belgium people and they really are not so noisy as Russian people or even if they are noisy, they do this in more nice and polite way :).



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if you are looking for an investment with no emotion attached, istanbul will win every day, you will get guaranteed rent - forget all year round sunshine
this will give you the greatest capital appreciation
prices are still low,

i invested in istanbul 18 months ago and latest reports suggest my investment has increased 39% in value since purchase. i am close to the airport, close to universities, close to hospitals, close to the beach, close to the grand prix area - in the middle of a massive regeneration area.

however, if you are looking for something beautiful, on the beach, with world class facilities, a guaranteed rent for 10 years producing great cash-flow, sunshine 300++ days a year, fully managed on your behalf - a total hands off freehold investment, call me on
I know Istanbul quite well. If you are close to the grand prix area and the sabiha gockcen airport then I do not know how you decided that prices are up 39% in 18 months. It's quite difficult to sell around there, they are mostly off-plan properties being sold and locals don't consider that a desirable area. It's like calling Luton London if you know what I mean. It will get there in the long term though.

Istanbul is probably the best place in Europe to invest in but not that far out.


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Hi Old Grey Wolf

Istanbul has an enormous amount of empty property. So I am surprised to that your investment has grown so much. A 39% increase in a little over a year is remarkable in a regeneration area. Where did you get the 'latest reports', the developer?

I am also sceptical about the sunshine paradise you mention; 'a guaranteed rent for 10 years producing great cash-flow' - this suggests to me that the property is grossly over priced in the first place and some of the sale cash is returned back over 10 years (after deducted management and maintenance costs). Please let me know If I am wrong.
So glad your still on forum. I have just finished reading this whole thread and seems to me that you have all the answers ( in your thread from a while back) and as we too are looking for a retirement paradise and are at present planning a turkish trip in Sept to have a holiday and look around, we were wondering if you are still happy in Kas?? Not sure if we will get over to that side this trip as planning a weeks stay in Alanya but I think is sounds like a great place to live. Should we stretch our time to go over to Fethiye and Kas do you think? We Aussies get plenty of sun at home so more interested in some culture and adventure so plan on doing a hot air balloon ride and some horse riding (bringing two teens with us) this trip but the property prices are sure attractive!! Do you think you have made a sound investment as well as a great place to live?


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What do people think about Bahcesehir ? - Belgravia Residence

looking for holiday home and eventual retirement home ...


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Istanbul property

I'm not sure if anyone is still looking at this thread but I will try anyway.

I'm in contact with a few property brokers based in England (Property Frontiers and Experience International) and they've both got me excited about developments in the Beylikduzu suburb of Istanbul. Single bedrooms start at about 55000 quid which seems reasonable enough. They guarantee 2 years of 7% yield. I have the following issues though:

1) I'm expected to fork out an additional 7000quid for the furniture pack which seems a ludicrous price to pay for 50sqm of furniture. I'm told that in order to guarantee the 7% yield, the place must be kitted out with the best of the Martha Stewart collection. What addles me is that after the 2 years, when my furniture will be 2 years old, I'm told I can still get a further 3 years of 7% yield. So if I can get the yield with second-hand furniture (after the 2 years),why can't I just buy second-hand furniture to begin with at half the cost? I'm guessing that the management company (UPPInternational) makes a killing on the furniture so that if there are periods of vacancy, they can just pull that month's rent out of the furniture fund thereby guaranteeing that continuous 7% yield. Any comments about this?

2) Property Frontiers wants be to buy a unit in a completed development because then I can get immediate rental income whereas Experience International reckons it's better to buy off-plan because by locking in the price midway through construction, you can experience 20% capital gains on completion. Has anyone got experience with these two buying options?


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Hi everyone!
I have just registered on this site... as i would be most grateful if anyone can give me some sound advice!
I have been travelling to Turkey for over the last 10-15 years, have travelled to Istanbul marmaris, Bodrum, oleniz deniz, and have just returned from Side. On day trips went to Manavgat, and Alanya, and i loved the shops also i went to Alanya- to visit the Duden waterfalls.
I have been thinking now i would love to buy a property in Turkey, an apartment but i dont know where! as i love each places i have visited.
Whats Side or Manavgat like, i mean to live there? Or to buy a property there?where could i buy in Alanya? whats its like there to live?
Im looking for a place where i can use as a holiday home, relax, chill, go to the beach if i wanted, good shopping, and great resturants, and a good nightlife with entertainment, and later may use the property for my retirement if need be.

Please can some one one advice what the potential benefits,and income potential is at the moment there in each places.
Also has anyone heard of Kaya Homes? i have heard they are very good! please advise.

Thankyou for any information

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Hi White-Crystal.

Depend what your priorities are?
For beaches, i would have to say Side.
For nightlife and shopping, it has to be Alanya.

Alanya is a year round resort, whereas Side can be very quiet in the winter.
If rental returns are important, then Alanya would be a better option.
Most of our renters are employees of the tour operators and stay here for 7 - 8 months of the year.
Private renting is more lucrative but shorter term and a lot more hassle.

Most of the prime beach front land in Side is occupied by hotels or is protected from development.
As such, most of the prime residential developments are no less than around 1 - 1.5km from the beach.

I know Kaya Homes very well - i would say one of the top 3 in Side - they are currently offering 3 developments to the market: Majestica, Tropicana and The Valley. If you need further information, give them a call and ask for Aiden Aknar.

All the best.


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Hi Steve
thank you so much for the info- much apreciated. Do u have a contact number or an email address for Kaya homes?
Steve you mentioned Kaya is one of the top 3 developers - What are the other 2 top developers called.. will need to check them out to!

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All contact details will be on their website.
The other 2 developers are Mecitoglu and Akins.

Alaydin Const.

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Invest in Antalya and win at least 15% over the next year


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Would you advice to invest in Istanbul or slightly out from there?


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Definately has to be Kalkan.

As a Kalkan Lover, I would have to recommend it. It gets the best weather as in a small bay backed by the Taurus mountains. It is a small sophisticated resort. Very pretty with a small beach, no high rise, plenty of green spaces, good expat community so in winter it is still lively. Lovely friendly family place with a lively nightlife but not obnoxious. Plenty of restaurants and bars and cafes with souvenir shops and old streets with Ottoman houses. Beach is clean and close to cafes and harbour so no need to walk far.


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I'm not a disinterested observer because I work for a property developer/estate agent. But when we came to Altinkum, Didim I was just a buyer, it was only afterwards that I joined this company. To be honest it wasn't our first choice, but we were soon swung over by the prices - there were many places we simply couldn't afford. Then when we arrived on a visit, well we just felt at home here mainly because everyone was so friendly. No one place suits everyone, otherwise we'd all be there! Altinkum isn't the finished article (which is why the prices are lower) but it is getting there and we are here for the long haul.


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Quaint sophisticated Kalkan

I am also not totally unbiased as I have 2 villas in Kalkan for sale. I have been here 12 years now and seen Kalkan grow and develop it's own personality and market.

Unfortunately, health forces me to sell one property as too much to manage now but I will always have a place here. the people are very friendly and take you into their community but I' m sure that is the same all over Turkey.

Wherever you decide to buy, and I agree its down to individual needs and preferences, I am sure you will have a super future in your new property.


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"not sure if anyone is still looking at this thread but I will try anyway.

I'm in contact with a few property brokers based in England (Property Frontiers and Experience International) and they've both got me excited about developments in the Beylikduzu suburb of Istanbul. Single bedrooms start at about 55000 quid which seems reasonable enough. They guarantee 2 years of 7% yield. I have the following issues though:"

I am also looking to invest through same brokers. Does anybody has some expiraince with them to share