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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by Cullum, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Cullum

    Cullum New Member

    Hi there i have always wanted to property develop(buy and sell), I'm 25 and have a mortgage for just over a year , I'm after information on where to start, what is required and how to begin.

    Any advice at all is muchly appreciated, or is there any one to one tuition you can do. Thanks in advance.
  2. George79

    George79 Member

    Hi Cullum and welcome to PropertyForum :)

    You can always get a few useful advices from anyone, but you will never be able to get the most of your property business without a good base. You should start with some relevant literature. See this thread.

    Also, there are many property events and meetings across the UK where you can get priceless advice.
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  3. Ged Ward

    Ged Ward Asia's Premier mortgage Broker

    And always be aware of get rich quick schemes and seminars saying pay 10,000 pounds and they will show you how to do this

  4. Sarah Bruce

    Sarah Bruce New Member

    You just need to know enough about the one niche and strategy you are going to get into.

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