Advice filling out TA6 Law Society Property Information Form



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Hi - I could do with a bit of advice as I'm selling my property and want to make sure that I fill out all forms correctly.

Under Section 7 Environmental Matters: 'Flooding', the form asks if any part of the property whether buildings or land has ever been flooded.

I have my cellar tanked out with a pump fitted due to ground water. When I moved in water was getting into my cellar, so I had a tanking system installed.

Would this be classed as 'flooding' and do I need to declare it?

I've also had water coming into my cellar which was a Yorkshire Water leak. The water was coming from the water main which is outside the property, so is that classed as flooding or just a leak?

Finally the road at the top of my row of houses flooded last year and the water eventually ran down the steps passed my doorstep (was like a waterfall) - Do I need to declare that too?

The form is legally binding and I don't want to lie, but don't want to disclose irrelevant information.

When the estate agent asked as my cellar flooded, I replied no, without not knowing what the term 'flooding' actually meant I'm just stressed about the whole thing!

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.


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If the form is legally binding, better to disclose everything you have disclosed in your opening post. Let the authorities wriggle out the unwanted information from the form.