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Adivce Needed from the Serious Investors

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by attif, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. attif

    attif New Member


    i know i have already asked Roshans opinion on the matter, however now that i am an active member:), i would like to start a permanent thread. I am a newbie and have been looking into the Dubai market over the last few months.

    After the recent demise of a very successful business in the UK, i really fancy a change in scenery, I have some money that i wanted to invest, my motive, become a full time investor initially in dubai, start small, flip, grow, flip etc etc.

    Investor_uae, Roshan thankyou for providing much needed assistance, now my question is... if i were to dedicate 100% of my time on looking for deals, pre launch etc, would it be possible to make a living in Dubai still?

    I say still as i know someone from the same city as me who went over in 2004, did the same, bought flipped etc now lives in Emirate Hills leading a very satisfying life, im sure. My theory is make enough to keep my hand in property but just move up the ranks if you like.

    So my question is if i were to come to Dubai and look for investment opportunities could i actually make a living out of it or is it a bit of a dream?

    All helpful posts would be much appreciated.

    Once again thankyou to all the regular posters and if i do eventually get out to Dubai any assistance anyone could offer would really be appreciated.

  2. talk

    talk New Member

    Serious Investor

    You'll Not Find To Many Serious Investors Wanting To Post.competition You See.

    Developers Want To Sell Floors At A Time 4/6/8/12/etc.then You Can Try And Flip At A 1% Profit.prelaunch You May Buy Less 5% With Developers Rising Prices 5% After Launch.check Out All Major Developers Now..
  3. attif

    attif New Member

    thanks for the advice talk! much appreciated..
  4. koko_koko

    koko_koko New Member



    Give your contact email.
  5. attif

    attif New Member

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