Addicted or Committed



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Investing overseas is a serious business.I find myself logging on 4-5 times daily! I think im committed to our investments but my partner thinks im verging on a totally property addiction! So im curious what is a healthy number of daily log ons? And are you addicted or committed? lol


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When I found myself logging on several times a day I was saved by being asked to become a moderator. I now have the excuse to be on the forum for hours at a time:D ...(well Ok, most of the day, truth be told :eek:) Buying property is a serious business yes and now that we've probably made our minds up to sell our small studio in Dubai, wondering where we'll invest the money next is constantly on my mind. My addiction started with the Dubai forum and then moved here but I'm always checking out other forums too - within totallyproperty of course :) You're not alone by the way - several members have admitted to a TP addiction!!!!


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Hi, Just thought I would add my pennies worth, I'm addicted! I try my hardest to keep off here, so I do everything that needs doing quicker then normal so I have time to log on. Terrible isn't it! lol


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Don't count my logins but I suppose I am slightly addicted to information, having been through the buying process abroad (Morocco) for the first time a few years ago I find the information available on some forums like this one is so valuable. I also run a Google Group for the Moroccan development and a large website so I am on the Internet mostly all day. I assume many people are looking for similar information because there are some unscrupulous people out there who will sell you anything and tell you anything to get the sale.

I leave for Hurghada on Friday 23rd May and will be there 1 week, because of information gained by reading these forums I am a little more knowledgeable before I arrive. I have also had most of the availability emailed to me and visited A place in the Sun show last week in London.

I appreciate some information from fellow buyers may not always be accurate, but they sometimes highlight questions I hadn't thought to ask (like what is the exact sq metre of my apartment) and I mean the area I live in not common areas like corridors or balcony. I will be taking my digital measure with me which will give me a more accurate result.

Other buyers may also recommend people they have used for services which can save time. This forum is a valuable resource which should be used as much as possible if you are to avoid some of the common pitfalls.


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Hi I have moved this thread into the General Chit Chat thread.

I would be logged in ALL the time but having connection problems. This site is very addictive.