is this and can this be morally and legally ok to be happening to those with disability as Autism ?

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Adam has Autism , he is a 47 year old male , and has no family, his story is just awful . see this.

Discussion in 'General Property Investment Discussion' started by phil michell, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. phil michell

    phil michell New Member

    ADAM is 47 yr old single male with Autism, he has no family to turn too. he lived his life in the family home until, his parents had passed away. he had to sell his own apartment in a hurry to pay a unpaid debt of his mothers. His neighbours saw that Adam was simple in many ways. they offered him just 120k for his 1 bedroom flat in central London, but in fact they knew that his flat was not worth what they told him but was worth in excess of 300k.. Adam was desperate and immediately sold the property to them. 2 years later after speaking to me about this he realizes he should not of done this without getting the professional help that is out there. The neighbours told Adam he didn't need his own Lawyer, they told him he could use their lawyer, they also told Adam they would get 2 quotes of the value of the property, something Adam did not understand what others might of been thinking for their own gain , leaving him well out of pocket and now with a lot of hardship to come. They returned to Adam and told him they had the 2 quotes done and the value of the property was 140k, Adam never thought to ask to see the quotes or get a local real estate Agent to come around and value the property . This depresses me entirely and I am now living with Adam to protect and safeguard these very kind of people who prey on the most vulnerable for self gain.
    I myself am tormented by what happened here and then to know he was actually homeless and ordered to leave the family home where he thought he could cope sleeping in other peoples council flats , often on the floor of a living room and was charged 300.00 per week , he was to scared to live alone.
    Is there any legal recourse now that Adam has me that he could take just over 2 years later. If any at all. or do these people get away with the deception of a vulnerable adult with something like Autism is. ?
    is there any kind of recourse I can now assist him to make things right or is Adam going to have to live the rest of his adult life wondering what he has done to himself .
    With the support he is now with he understands that his x neighbours did something very bad to him.please help us answer this question. Any one who has some legal knowledge or knows someone that could give us some advice would simply be amazing right now.
    We have both moved from London and are in the Exeter , Devon area.
    I am hoping and believing for Adam we can go somewhere with this case. But then again we may not be able to now do anything at all.
    i wish I had known Adam back then.
    Thanks PJ
  2. phil michell

    phil michell New Member

    Step 1. Seek help from the C.A.B

    Step 2. Apply for a Historic property valuation using the HC1 form and apply through the Land Registry .

    Step 3. Ask for outside help from people like those that use forums like this to see if you guys can kindly offer any further advice and can direct us to what the laws specifically says when it comes to people like Adam who have limited capability to understand the importance of things such as I have described above.
    Thanks again.

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