Acute shortage of rental properties in the UK, surely buy to let is still a no-brainer?

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by FWL, Apr 7, 2018.

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    We know there is an acute shortage of private rental properties in the UK and while the UK government continues to increase the tax burden on buy to let investors, surely it is a no-brainer in the long term? Are we not missing the point, surely the UK government needs the buy to let industry more than the buy to let industry needs the UK government?
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    Using private money for public services (in this instance housing) is a hot topic at the moment with some PFI companies in trouble. However, in the long term I think the UK government needs private landlords more than the landlords need the government.
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    The PFI cat is out of the bag and governments will, in some shape or another, require the assistance of private investment funds for many many years to come. As they always have :)
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    Interesting! I work for a large UK Build to Rent company and we're planning on delivering 8,000 more homes in the next 5 years. This is alongside other big companies doing similar, some already having portfolio's of 40,000+!

    In my opinion, the Government are introducing taxes.regulations to in effect, cull many uneducated or uncaring landlords. There's a lot of bad buy-to-let debt in this country where your everyday Joe has inherited property from their grandparents. What's actually quite a complicated business, quickly turned into a free for all for anyone wish a bit of cash.

    So to bring this back, I see the Government attempting to encourage the naughty landlords to sell up which will create more homes for people to buy to live (therefore supporting that demand), it'll stabilise the market by increasing supply, and will therefore level this out with demand!

    Stabilise prices, people able to buy homes to live in, alongside the Government and big companies building homes to rent for those still unable to buy. Call it a conspiracy if you will, but to me - it makes sense.

    Time shall tell!


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