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About Shops in IC (rent, buy, and sale)

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Kairi, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    This thread will be dedicated on issues related to shops in IC
  2. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    IC in France

    I bought on IC shop in France. I am looking to rent the shop....please does anyone know the price range for the rent?
  3. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Not much nobody wants them. if you get 80 per sf you are lucky
  4. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    I think it will take sometime for the shops to be rented. It is very normal because peoples are still moving to IC...soon they will need shops close by....
  5. acassim

    acassim New Member

    There are over 60k people living in IC. There are no facilities as yet and shops are taking very long to get rented out. I have seen somewhere that Spinneys will be opening up in the France cluster (not sure when though). There is reluctance to rent as there seems to be some staff visa acquisition issues. I would suggest that you wait until more buildings are released and the France cluster is more populated so that the demand grows.
  6. Yogi1000

    Yogi1000 New Member

    I want the shop for cafeteria business

    I would like to take your shop for cafeteria business. How much would be your rent? Call me 050-3506542
  7. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    To Yogi1000

    Yogi1000, Please can you send me your private Email so I can give u more details?
  8. Yogi1000

    Yogi1000 New Member

    Licence for cafeteria business

    MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS [email protected].

  9. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    Yogi1000, I asked my friends to get in touch with u. Did u see the place?
  10. Kairi

    Kairi New Member

    I still have the shop not rented..will give good deal for any possible rental
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