About Dobrich area

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I may be looking for some properties in Dobrich area. But do not know what this area like.

Could someone already live there (bought village houses..) give me some background information about the conditions. Such as:

1. People live there are good? Crime lever is high?
2. In winter, is very cold? What degree?
3. In summer is hot? what degree?
4. Are any big manufactures in this area?
5. What price for old house in big land (about 2000 sqm land)?
6. transport easy?
7. Are there water pipe in these old house?

Thanks very much for reply.

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dobrich has a population about 20 to25000 very frenly very cold place in winter there no big factorys unimeplyment is high asfar as i no the crime rate is low all houses have water some old ones have outside toilets land you can buy from 3euro squre meter upwords the nearer you get to the resorts the dearer it gets transport to varna is good but outside of that is taxi
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