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    I was thinkin how I could get another infraction off the boss for advertising as I seem to be knocking them up quite steadily for talking about good ideas I have to help people get to Portugal without running into trouble. Everytime I post one, I get reprimanded, rules, rules, and more rules. Frustrating to say the least, lets hope this one gets through.

    This is from GOTA.....Gossip On The Algarve (Quote)

    There is a guy I know, who is taking some very extreme sales tactics to sell his houses. 'We are in a difficult situation' he says, 'So, different tactics have to be applied'.............guess what, he`s raffling off one of his houses.

    Not a new concept but unusual in Portugal. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I understand one or two well known local rags are showing an interest in the concept. Some of the anticipated cash goes to charity (of the rags choice) some goes to agents who use their lists to sell tickets. Clever fellow methinx. Watch the rags.

    Another guy in Silves with a stack of land is selling off 1000 sq mtr lots for 50 grand with an identical plot BOGOFF (Buy One Get One Free) in Spain. Both plots ready to build on and with golf course nearby or actually on site. Well I never.

    Well, I never, I thought I would just tell you all about this just in case you were interested.
    Let me make it quite clear, this notice is for informative purposes only.

    GOTA go......... Gossip On The Algarve

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