A little guidance needed please



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Hello all,

Seems a brill site !

Wonder if anyone could give me some advice/ pointers :

I bought a property in Detroit 2010.

The company I bought it from agreed to pay me monthly rental for 5 years.

June 2014 I had a message to say the company was in difficulty and I should make my own arrangements for the future with a (named by them ) management company.

I contacted this company who agreed to now manage the property for me and contracts were signed and monies for insurance etc. were paid.

Weeks laater I had an e-mail to say that squatters were in the property.

I have paid thousands of dollars to this company to get court orders etc. to get the squatters removed.

The last e-mail I received was at the end of October ( after much chasing ) said the squatters had been removed and they were waiting for a re-hab report which was due the following week.

Since then I have sent many e-mails left messages with receptionists and on voice mail but I have not had a reply from the guy who i have been dealing with ,or anyone else.

Do I need to take some sort of legal route ?

Would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction .