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A good optimistic article

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by psychiatrist, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. psychiatrist

    psychiatrist New Member

    Dear fellow investors in Ajman,
    I will copy and paste an interesting article, found in Business Intelligence middleeast, I never knew this one but it has the most comprehensive news on realestate
    Speculators will be weeded out during these times, the resale market in ajman isnt developed, so those trying to flip will have a hard time, they are so many evictions going on in dubai( due to overcrowding) and people would be looking for affordable accomodation. Abu dhabi will also boom, but not as much as expected due to this 'credit crunch'


    UAE. The UAE real estate market is witnessing a transformation as developers focus on the bedrock of the market – the end user customer – which continues to demonstrate unabated demand due to the current rent squeeze they are experiencing.

    This was the message that came out of the R&R Local Property Show, which opened today at the Sheikh Zayed Center for Conferences & Exhibitions, Ajman University of Science and Technology, and will continue on both Friday and Saturday. The show is being held under the patronage of Hh Sheikh Dr Majed bin Saeed Al Noaimi, Head of the Ajman Amiri Court.

    “Ajman, which has always played the underdog to Dubai’s real estate, is suddenly in the limelight, thanks to a confluence of a number of factors, but most importantly, due to continuing end-user demand,” said Tessa Morris, Marketing Director, DSL Exhibitions, organiSers of the R&R Local Property Show.

    “As a market, Ajman has traditionally focused on mid-market units, offering affordable value to the consumers. Now, as the market accustoms itself to low speculator activity, a focus on service is becoming an important part of developers’ strategy to attract the customer who is looking for property to live in.”

    Being well entrenched in the mid-market segment, Ajman is likely to continue to do well, particularly since real estate prices here have not swelled as they have due to speculator activity in Dubai. In that sense, the Emirate is well protected. End-user demand remains high due to very high rents across the UAE and this is likely to drive buyers to Ajman. While industry insiders believe that there will be an impact of the global financial crisis even on this market, it is expected not be as severe as elsewhere.

    “We are very pleased at the positive response from the companies exhibiting at the show,” commented Abdulla Al Noaimi, Event Director for the R&R Local Property Show. “They are confident in the potential to keep attracting the segment of the market looking for mid price property investments.”

    “In a market where end users are increasingly comparing the relatively growing cost difference between Ajman and Dubai, in comparison to the diminishing difference in quality of life offered by both emirates, Ajman is winning more on investor and end user confidence. This is true also when we look at the continuously faster sales phase completion of Chapal’s projects in Ajman,” Commented Jawad Chapal, Executive Director for Chapal

    As an education partner to the event, Dr Salem Al Shafiei, Director of Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), said: “The UAE real estate sector is on the right track, evolving and maturing into a more dynamic industry. As a socially responsible organisation and the first specialised academic institution dedicated to the development of real estate sector, we consider imparting knowledge and educating all stakeholders on global best practices is the key to raising regional standards. Awareness among the developers, investors and end-users is the key element that facilitates growth and we believe we are taking the industry in that direction.”

    Mohammed Hussein Al Nemer, board member and Chief Marketing Officer at Awali Real Estate Investments (gold sponsor of the show) commented: "Our participation in the Local Property Show is an important step in our strategic promotional plan for Awali City. The show correlates perfectly with the economic leap the emirate of Ajman is currently witnessing, which strongly indicates that government officials are keen to keep in touch with the leading entities in the real estate sector, and to stay up to date with the latest projects and developments.

    "By participating in the event, Awali seeks to continually stay in touch with investors and those interested in the real estate sector, offering them the chance to take a closer look at Awali City project and to study the many opportunities it offers. In addition, the show will also pave the way for participating companies to exchange ideas and expertise, and to discuss the Emirati market, which could lead to increased growth and better development of projects," added Al Nemer.

    All major Ajman developments will be showcased at the R&R Local Property Show this week, with starting prices at AED 250 000 and monthly payment plans from AED 3,000 per month.

    Over 40 agents and developers will showcase thousands of properties for sale in Ajman and Northern Emirates and Dubai.
  2. Saeid

    Saeid New Member

    Interesting read,

    By the way, Awali City has been CANCELED!
  3. psychiatrist

    psychiatrist New Member


    Ajman- 26 November 2008: Awali Real Estate InvestmentsAwali Real Estate Investments, the leading firm in real estate investments, has seen an increased interest in real estate exhibitions across the Middle East, as well as an increase in the number of participating companies. Competitiveness seems to be the driving factor for these companies, who are looking for new avenues through which to market projects and present these to clients.

    AwaliAwali has reflected that local and regional exhibitions are getting a lot of attention, despite the looming economical climate. Companies are now seeking to meet clients directly, and are benefiting from media exposure offered by these exhibitions in an effort to convey their message to their target audience.

    On this topic, Mohammed Hussein Abdullah Al Nemer, Board Member and Chief Marketing Officer of Awali Real Estate InvestmentsAwali Real Estate Investments, said: "Real estate exhibitions are great marketing tools for projects. Expos comes second only to direct promotional marketing methods. Expos set up a perfect meeting place for investors and real estate developers, as manufacturers, marketers and consumers are gathered under one roof."

    Al Nemer went on to say: "Considering the international financial crisis, real estate exhibitions are considered fundamental cornerstones of the property market and an important element of the economy. Expos are great economical and real estate promoters; they encourage consumers to make purchases and deals by presenting architectural models and big discounts for visitors. "

    Expos also provide a direct meeting place for real estate investors, individuals, buyers and real estate developers. And, according to Mr. Al Nemer, expos are perfect places to exchange ideas and suggestions on how to enhance the property market, and to promote the quality of projects, which ultimately leads to developing projects that will fulfill the demands of investors and buyers.

    Al Nemer noted that despite the wide range of opportunities that these exhibitions open up to meet new clients and strengthen ties with existing ones, companies often lack objective evaluation of their performance at the various exhibitions, such as exhibition timing and place factors, rate of sales, media exposure and public messages sent by the companies. This analysis is an important factor in recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and setting up standards for future participations.

    Awali Real Estate InvestmentsAwali Real Estate Investments is currently developing the AwaliAwali City project, a mega residential city, comprising 136 plots specified for residential and commercial use. The city is located at Emirates Road, a mere 15 minutes away from Dubai Airport. The project stretches over an area of 33 million square feet in total, with investments amounting to AED 10 billion. AwaliAwali City will include 17 to 50-storey towers, housing 120,000 persons. It is a freehold project, based on the regulations set by the government of Ajman. Plot distribution and road related works have recently been completed, enabling investors to start the construction process.


    About AwaliAwali Real Estate Investments
    With an ambitious vision based on understanding of the regional needs, Al Nemer Group eyes the leading position in the MENA real estate market, to which end it has launched an aggressive expansion strategy with special focus on forging strategic alliances with the region's leading firms. The Group has founded an independent real estate group that adopts advanced levels of corporate governance practices and the highest of technical standards to ensure excellent work progress and to maintain sustainable development.

    AwaliAwali Group's transparency and performance have contributed to the establishment of Awali Real Estate InvestmentsAwali Real Estate Investments; a duly incorporated UAE firm based in Dubai, founded by the KSA based Al Nember Group as part of the mother company's plans to expand across the region, capturing a chunk of the booming real estate market in the region, particularly in the GCC.

    AwaliAwali made its debut in the UAE real estate market with the mega AwaliAwali City project on the Emirates Road in Ajman, which was launched in cooperation with Ajman Government's Property Investment Establishment at the beginning of 2008. The company has a number of plans for expansion within the UAE, in Ajman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as further afield in KSA and other GCC and Arab countries.

    Al Nemer Group, Mother Company to AwaliAwali, has more than 40 years' experience in the KSA real estate market and has co-founded a number of real estate companies, such as Jenan Real Estate and Mawten Real Estate. The group has also co-founded a number of companies in the financial and aviation sectors in GCC, such as Arbah Capital, Watan Financial Investment, AwaliAwali Financial Supporting Services, Financial, Afaq Aviation, United Holding Company and the Dubai based USOS Real Estate, in alliance with Dubai Islamic Bank, as well as establishing a number of strategic partnerships.

    For further information, please contact:
    Mohammed Al Barazenjey
    Media Relations Executive
    SAHARA Communications
    Tel: +971 4 3298996
    Fax: +971 4 3298995
    Mob: +971 50 7163727 / +971 55 7163727
    Email: [email protected]
    Web Site:

    Serine Srouji
    SAHARA Communications
    Tel: +971 4 3298996
    Fax: +971 4 3298995
    Email: [email protected]
    Web Site:
  4. Saeid

    Saeid New Member

    I'm not in the habit of reading the Hype in the papers. What I do instead is to go to the site and have a look for myself.

    I was there yesterday, Nov-27. As far back as 3 weeks ago, they had cabins and heavy machinery and lots of laborers running around near the entrance to the site.

    Yesterday though, all machinery and cabins were gone. There were the skeletons of 3 cabins left and about 4 laborers who were busy tearing down what was left of the cabins. And that's all there was.

    I'm not being negative here! I have bought property next door, where there is also nothing happening. I'm just tired of this none sense spin that's put on everything here just to sell more.
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