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    I found out about this through moneysavingexpert.com

    If you register with this site you will get £25 towards your first hotel stay


    The Aquafun hotel in Hurghada is £24 per night for 2 people so this equates to a free night including breakfast .

    It may not be the ultimate in luxury but can you complain for nothing ?

    We have booked a night as a break from our holiday in El Gouna to sample the Hurghada nightlife so I will let you know what it is like when I get back.

    NB this isn't limited to Hurghada ,its any hotel on the site .

    It could be handy if people need a first night before handovers ?



    !!!!!Stop Press . During Christmas you can now add another $30 to this giving a total of approx £50 . Read post #7 to see how !!!!
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    Good idea - just signed up
  3. crombiestone

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    Follow up

    As promised a review of our stay at the Aqua Fun !

    The hotel should be prosecuted under the trades description act for its name as our stay was no fun at all.

    The room was dingy and smelled of the food from the kitchens . The bathroom was old and flooded when the shower was used . The sheets were grey and had remaining stains even though they appeared to have been laundered . The beds (there were 3 ) were either rock hard or over soft and had seen better days. The breakfast wasn't worth getting up for ,even the cornflakes were not edible and they had the cheek to charge 150le for fresh orange. God knows what was in the free stuff . The hotel also seems to be aimed 99.9% to Russian package holidays . I'll say no more than that.

    The location is in the thick of Sekalla but after coming from the tranquility of El Gouna it was all a bit too much for us . Thank heavens for the new marina which was a haven and redeemed the overnight visit ,but to be honest ,we could have gotten that in El Gouna.

    There are other hotels in Hurghada available on the hotel club website,to which you can apply the £25 discount and pay the balance. I would strongly advise you do this !
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    Oh dear Crombie, sounds about like the hotel we stayed in Majorca a few years ago! :eek: I take it you won't be staying there again then :eek:
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    Hi Crombie - thanks for the follow up and warning! Thankfully ( by the sounds of it ) you werent booked in for a fortnight!
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    Expensive Orange juice

    Just realised a typo . the OJ was 15le not 150 ! £15 for OJ would have been a bit much. :eek:
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    Add another $30 to your member dollars

    Hotel Club are running a Christmas promotion to add $30 to your member dollars .

    Click on this link


    Fill in your details on the register for free side (left side ) but use the same details that you submitted for the original $49 sign up ( Important .It will not work if you sign in on the already a member (right side ) part !) .

    When it says this is an existing member ,click here . Click on the link and it will go to your original account but it will credit another $30 giving a total of $79 . With the change in the exchange rate this now equates to around £50

    This brings more hotels into the free category meaning you can avoid the awful Aquafun :D

    NB Bookings need to be made before December 10th 2008 but can be taken any time .
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