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A few Qs for the IC expert.

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by msafi, May 6, 2008.

  1. msafi

    msafi New Member

    I have worked out my furniture arrangement for the floor-plan of the studios of international city. Now, I'm ready to move in. But before I do, I need your advice, please, IC experts.

    1. Which cluster has the best access going in and out of international city? My wife goes to Sharjah and I go to Dubai every morning...
    2. Which cluster suffers least from poor infrastructure, sewage problems and drainage...
    3. Are ground floor studios recommended? Do they exist?
    4. I have noticed that some buildings are cleaner and have better elevators than others, which are the best buildings?
    5. Where do you do grocery shopping? Is there a big Spinney's, Carrefore, or other super markets around?
    6. What else do I need to watch out for?

  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    1. All of them
    2. France and Spain
    3. Yes but very dirty
    4. Can’t say
    5. China
    6. Power plant, High-way noise pollution
  3. Ichirinzashi

    Ichirinzashi New Member

    1. Not much differences

    2. Newer clusters. Also, you better be aware of room position which is not facing the sewage side.

    3. Not recommended. Because the XXX room is located in the groud floor.

    4. I believe Newer building are less problems in facilities. But popular buildings parking are already almost full.

    5. There is a pretty big Union super market next to Fruit & Veg. Souk.

    6. You need to check water pressures and Air conditions.
  4. msafi

    msafi New Member

    Thanks for all the advice, experts.

    I have contacted a few agents and I have mentioned these concerns to them...Hopefully, I'll find a great place to live with your help...
  5. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    1. England, China, Russia,Italy has better access going in from dragon mart side, Greece,france,morroco has better access coming from academic road side.

    Coming out is better from academic road side,means morroco, france, greece has the advantage going out.

    2.Infrastructure may be poor in the recent handover clusters otherwise all are ok.Sewage problems probably worse in Greece, morroco, france, china(few)and better in russia, england, italy.

    3. Ground gloor studios not recommended especially for families. Why? Just visit Italy and have a look!

    4.Never checked all buildings. Personally I think England is one of the best.

    5. No big supermarkets, shops you will find but things are expensive there. You can go to union coop just opp. the emirates road. Or otherwise "panda" in festival city.

    6. Just watch out the smell. Others you can manage but you can do anything about the stink.


  6. msafi

    msafi New Member

    It seems that we have contradicting views here. Two post say China sucks, and one post says only a few places in China suck. Two post say France is best, and one post says there are sewage problems in France.

    Anyway, in my mind the term International City has become synonymous with inconvenience, rats, dirt, foul smell, and sewage problems. The point of moving to IC was to save money for investment, but now I'd rather pay additional 2,000/month and live with fewer rats in Al Barsha than save those 2,000 and live with more rats in IC.

    Unless my impression of IC is entirely off the mark, I think I'll start looking for studios in Al Barsha
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