8% ROI for 13 YEARS

Discussion in 'Other Regions in Asia' started by EasySpain, May 3, 2007.

  1. EasySpain

    EasySpain New Member

    I have a development In Malaysia thats is offering the above, all it takes is 62,000GBP to purcahse this 2 bed property built on STILTS over the sea........

    They look absolutley amazing....

    You can also get half of the costs via a mortgage so its really only going to need 31,000 GBP (plus closing costs) to take advantage of this excellent investment.

    If you would like more information please email me

  2. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    R U sure?

    Hi easy, welcome to the agent talking to agent forum. If you really have 2 bed apartments in Malaysia with 8% guaranteed income, then please PM me with the details. If you have Banyan Curve, the 60 m2 chalets went up in price by 17% on Tuesday and start at £75.912 - everybody on this forum has them. If you speak to the right people, you can get 80% LTV on completion
  3. DC

    DC New Member

    Hi Andy, Hi Darren

    Andy, I got a price list from Yap, a day or so ago, there were units still at 62k sterling. So the information was correct.

    Second the 80% LTV on completion whom is that with.
  4. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    So it is B Curve!!

    Prices went up around 17% on Tuesday. You still get 8% on the new prices and the service charges haven´t gone up. Couple of banks in KL will do 70% for sure, but the developers bank will probably go higher - details on the projects due diligance - which no doubt you have! Easier to speak to a couple of international brokers in the UK. Irrespectively, you still have to go with the developers payment terms or negotiate a different payment structure and they are still going to want at least 40% up front. Then re-mortgage on completion.
  5. EasySpain

    EasySpain New Member

    Well it seems i am a little bit behind on this one, but give me a month and I will be in front, Thanks for the welcome.
    I am still selling well in Spain (45% closer rate) and am now looking to further into the immerging markets.
    And advice etc is gratefully accepted.

  6. Robert Gavin

    Robert Gavin New Member

    HI Banyan curve is a greta looking develpoment but that is a huge deposit you have to put down.

    Also rental yield of 8% versus a repayment mortgage of 7.5% menas that this investment is cash negative.

    I have lived in Malaysia for 2 years and you cna buy a luxury condo in KL for less than that.

    IMHO great lifestyle property, but as an investment, I don't think it' veyr good.
  7. DC

    DC New Member

    Hi Robert, the figures on mortgages we are given are below 7.5%.

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