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450% guaranteed return in Argentina,Mendoza

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by Trevor, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    I am now, after over 30 years in property - developing, buy-to- let etc. begining to see the light! I would like experienced investors to check the following returns offered! I have done much due diligence and invite them to benefit from the excellent returns.
    15% per 6 months, for 5 years + 300% after 5 years + original investment back. Vineyard and land - 70 plots 4000m2. Agree to sell the land back to the developer. I invested over 1 year ago, have met the developer, investors and seen previous projects by the developer. 8 years of developing in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and now Argentina. Please contact me, I am only too pleased to share these with you.
  2. DC

    DC Member

    Spell out the deal in public

    1. Who are you buying off
    2. Why will they buy it back off you at a higher price?

    I dont get it?
  3. Bigbozo

    Bigbozo New Member


    Is this deal through Southern Cross Land?

  4. gsinker

    gsinker New Member


    Interesting but isnt Argentina's economy on its arse. I live in South America and i read and see the news and i think that your figures might be slightly optomistic.
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