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2nd invoice VVT5

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by silky17, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I have recently received the request for the second payment for my property on VVT5. I have asked for proof that construction has started before I part with any more of my money. So far nothing has been forthcoming. Any comments.
  2. marsdei

    marsdei New Member

    Not sure if this helps but this is what happened in my case ...

    This is something my solictor requested on my behalf when I had to pay my 2nd payment on AP15. It took about 2 months to come through and when this was validated by my solictor I paid the monies due.
  3. Alan01

    Alan01 New Member

    I have seen photos from Property-Logic dated 27th June showing that the site has been cleared and prepared for construction, with safety meshing surrounding it. I understand that building work will be starting very soon, although I do not have a specific date.

    The photos can be viewed at:

    Le Jardin de Fleur

  4. tima

    tima New Member

    Hi, i have also bought in AP15 do you have any idea about completion dates.. i have heard Dec 2008 and March 2009 banded about have you heard anythihg..
  5. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    Hi there
    As I am currently staying on the site for a while - I can guarentee you that no building has actually started on VVT-5. For more progress photos than LJDF, please visit saidiaholidayrentals (.) com.
  6. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    Hi there

    I will go & take some pictures of AP-15 in the next few days, pretty sure there isn't much there currently, but will check for you.
  7. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Those pictures on your website of the appartments with communal pool, would put me off a holiday there as the pool looks so small and insignificant. The pools in other resorts around the med are far bigger typically.
  8. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Property Logic need to become proactive if they want us investors to keep giving our money. For a start they could provide an English translation of what the Governments 'guarantee' actually means. I would if I were them.
  9. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    Just to advise - there is STILL nothing taking place on VVT5. The area is completley cleared, but absolutely no construction what so ever. However, they have begun to prep the land for VVT4, and RT7 is coming on very well.

    Saidia Holiday Rentals
    There are recent pictures on the site.
  10. invalesco

    invalesco New Member

    Has anyone seen any progress on VVT-5?????
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