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2nd home in Mexico

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by carrj47, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. carrj47

    carrj47 New Member

    Just recently I have been interest in purchasing/ investing in a home in Mexico. Advice and suggestions on location would be appreciated.
  2. oregon woodsmoke

    oregon woodsmoke New Member

    Mexico is a wonderful country, full of color, a fun and lively culture, delicious food, and generous people.

    It is also a country where the corruption and crime are quite high. Kidnapping for ranson occurs and you are more likely to be robbed by the local police than the local burglar.

    Lots of Americans live there (Further North Americans, because the Mexicans are also Americans) and seem to do just fine.

    The Mexican government has a long history of nationalization, especially where land near the coast is concerned.

    Do your homework and if you are comfortable with the country and understand the laws concerning ownership by foreign nationals, it is probably a good place to invest, strictly from the investment standpoint.
  3. carrj47

    carrj47 New Member

    Im aware of the corruption in mexico that exists. However I think it will be good to have a property in mexico for my friends and family to use for vacation or to just get away. I also need some advice on where to buy and how much it is.
  4. carrj47

    carrj47 New Member

    After looking online for some properties, I have been extremely interested in the san felipe area of Mexico. Any input would be extremely helpful.
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