2bed apartment or a 2 bed house



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Hi All,

I need some advice so would really appreciate if some you could help me here.

We have a budget of £500k (Cash- we don’t want to get an expat mortgage) we are based in Dubai and hope to move back in 18-24 months.
I have two options:
1. I could afford a 2 bed flat in SW14 (East Sheen) which is where we intend to live long term but would conisder letting the flat out initially and then move back to live in it until we find a suitable place and then sell the apartment (as we could then get a standard mortgage which is 3 times cheaper than an expat one).

2. buy a 2 bed house in guildford or st Albans and let it out and eventually sell it once we move back to the UK.

options 1 would also save us the hassle of school catchment area etc as the apartments are within the catchment areas of our preferred schools.

From an investment perspective which option could be better ? Would we face an awful lot of hassle selling the apartment ? As some of the apartments have been on the market for 3-4 months.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


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Check the area price and do some market research . You canconsult your local real estate agent they will guide you properly and help to find apartments.


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You can get advice from a local real estate agent, who will adequately guide you. He or she will provide better recommendations because they are more knowledgeable about the market.


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