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2 Bedroom - Tanja VS 1 Bedroom - Al Houara

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by AustralianInvestor, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. AustralianInvestor

    AustralianInvestor New Member

    Hi All,

    Just want to get everyone opinion on this one. Which option would you purchase and why?

    Option 1. Tanja

    2nd floor 2 Bedroom apartment
    Total Size: 119 M Sq
    Price: 137, 000 euro

    Option 2. Al Houara

    2 floor 1 Bedroom apartment
    Total Size: 86 M Sq
    Price: 168, 000 Euro

    I guess why I ask this question because i wanted to know if people would rather spend more on a smaller qaulity apartment on a better resort, or spend less on something bigger but lower quality.

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  2. manor park

    manor park New Member

    I think if I was just buying as an investment I might go with AH, If you want to use it and take a bit of rental, you may need the extra room.

    I have the 3 bed penthouse on Tanjah for a mixture of those reasons, but the same on AH comes in at about 400k, although I think it will be a great resort.

  3. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    AI, Ive always advised those buying in Morocco to spend that little extra & purchase on the more exclusive resorts, the resorts I personally class in this category are Saidia, Al Houara & im thinking Tinja when released will fall into this category.

    Its the same anywhere including the UK, an apartment on a more exclusive development will apreciate more & will be more popular for rental / re-sale etc.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    If it was for personal use I would go for Al Houara, you can join their rental club and use qatari diar's other resorts around the world. But lets face it, you are unlikely to go wrong on any of developments in this area.
  5. Don't think you can go wrong with either, even though I'm not a big resort guy. Any one that knows the payment schemes and completion dates for these two developments.
  6. seannie1

    seannie1 New Member

    not a sensible approach

    Hi girls/guys
    I would disagree with going for the big suasage party complex all the time and would be inclined to use my own brain to figure out if the essential elements for a good investment are present or not,and then relate this to the price and see how i score them.I see people talking about morocco and value when some of the prices that are being mentioned in these steriotypical playparks would incline me to think that gullability is alive and well and is resorting in north africa.Firstly having spent alot of time down there the seasonal rental yields are not the normal,and if you rented a doghouse in cabo negro june/july/august you will have a tenant and he will pay well.An apartment 2bed will pull 150eur per night at this time of year and will be full every night.Now with 30k the outlay and 4k per annum the repayment,one after 10% fees could expect 5k in the kitty,with 10% appreciation a minimum take one has recouped ones 30k in a matter of 2yrs,for investing the silly money paid in some of these resorts, for what is still morocco, and still seasonal for rentals,one could financially windfall it with the right package and with increased access and tourist numbers which will come,if not for a while,and would have a potential for yields from rentals which would be far greater than from the 300k lobbed down on one unit simply because it is a big resort.which i would say is one way of demonstrating that each project should be judged on the facts.if one had the mind to nvest in say 5 2bed 2bath they would have 25k rental surplas p.a. a tidy some while making 40k or more on appreciation p.annum 65k a year having put down 150k at the off.with the strength of numbers making potential a one sided affair,i think i know where my money would be going,and it would not be the big must be mindful that these little money spinners can be picked up from 70k and will yield up to 20k per annum taking rental and price rise into account.these are ratios that are unheard of at any well waterparked resort and if one puts a real term value on the what you pay for the bling,in some cases daylight robbery is the actual yield.
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