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15 days to get you inspired

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by matthewferry, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. matthewferry

    matthewferry New Member

    A young man approached the manager of a lumber mill and he told him, "I can chop wood three times faster than any of your man, you should hire me." The manager said, "I don't have any positions available right now young man and bottom line is my guys are the best in the business so there's no way your claim is true". To which the young man rebutted, " If your guys are that good then give me a shot and prove me wrong." But the manager agree to the challenge. After the contest was done, the young man had chopped three times as much wood in the same amount of time as his competitor who was supposedly the best man in the company. Obviously, he was hired on the spot. After three weeks, the manager noticed that the young man was not chopping wood at the same range as everyone else. He approached the young man after work one day and declared, "I'm gonna have to let you go. You aren't keeping your end of the bargain. You've slowed way down and now you're chopping wood at the same speed as everyone else. I don't understand." The young man looked defeated and he replied. "I've been so busy chopping wood. I haven't had any time to sharpen my ax."

    Matthew Ferry has personally coached over 8200 people to success and happiness and he can help you too.

    15 Bulletproof Strategies to get you Inspired and in Action on your Dreams Now is about sharpening your ax. And what is your ax? Your mind. Your thoughts. Your energy. Your focus. Your ax is your thought and these next 15 days are going to be a boot camp for the mind. I'm gonna be your personal trainer. I'm gonna push you farther than you would normally go, get you on track, feeling pumped, enthusiastic about your life back to that place of inspiration.

    Matthew Ferry
  2. Escott

    Escott Banned

    Wow I get more zen from my girlfriend:)
  3. jessicatam

    jessicatam New Member

    Oddly enough, someone told me this story a couple of days ago, maybe they read here :)
  4. Kenjiya

    Kenjiya New Member

    Yup. Nice analogy. We really need to sharpen our "axe" for whatever industry we may be in. It keeps us ahead of the competition.
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