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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by clairemacintyre1, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. clairemacintyre1

    clairemacintyre1 New Member

    Hi i am interested in meeting people who have bought in Brazil. I purchased 4 plots of land and have seen 30% growth in six months. I really recommend that anyone who is interested in making a lot of capital growth invest in land in the north east of Brazil. I can suggest an agent who I used.

    Is anyone interested?
  2. mitico67

    mitico67 New Member

    hI Clairemacintyre1, I understand from your post that you have already received an offer from a buyer to buy your plots at 30% increase from the original value paid. That's great. Are you going to sell them and cash the gain or will you invest in some other developments?Please send me the agent name
  3. Gee69

    Gee69 New Member

    Hi ye all Brazil Property owners !!

    I am a fist time investor, currently researching options in Brazil...

    I see that most of the deals are initiated and finalised on the web. I am aware of the risks involved in online deals and I would like to know genuine and reliable agents to deal with.

    Can anyone let me know the credentials of 'Property Showrooms' based in Spain. They have been in constant touch with me for about a month now.

    Similarly how are EQuity - London, CPS-Ireland and Experience International-U.K.

    2) Do you guyz believe in making a visit to the site before taking the plunge ? I know there are ppl who dont.

    Similarly I am of the opinion that a local investigation would fetch much better deals - both in terms of pricing as well as actual potential for returns.


  4. Gee69

    Gee69 New Member

    Hi clairemacintyre1,

    May I know what kind of a property you have invested in.
    Is it some sort of a gated development (like the Turtle Bay Resort) or is it just an individual piece of land.

    I am a first time overseas investor, stumbled upon Brazil recently.

    I would also like to know how secure is an investment made from such a distance. In case you do not live close by, how do you manage to "look after" your property in Brazil... or is there no need to bother on that ?

    I know many developing nations where 'un authorised squatting' could be a terrible menace.
    More so because local laws would favour the squatter if the owner has not visited the site in a while !!

    Have you made visits to your site before/ after purchase ?



    (Agents are on my neck to sign up for Turtle Bay ... :) .......

  5. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    Anyone who buys anything anywhere but particularly land and particularly in Brazil without going to see it for themselves is being very stupid. A also don't beleive that prices on land have risen 30% as claimed...to my mind this has all the hallmarks of somebody trying to entice others into a deal. The fact is you haven't made a penny profit until the land is sold, so perhaps this lady can clarify if it is sold, if she made 30% and if she has the money in her bank! I am pretty sure that the answers to all these questions will be no! In which case...be careful..if it was that easy to make money nobody would have need to go to work today would they!
  6. clairemacintyre1

    clairemacintyre1 New Member

    Perhaps Mr Golfworld can inform us where he has collected his facts. It is my job to research emerging markets, I have a masters in property investment and am working towards my PHD in property investment, my area of research is emerging markets. I have study the development of markets for many years and I believe that Brazil is an excellent investment. Last year Foreign Direct Investment into Brazil reached 37.6 billion, which is the record breaking investment into one country in one year.

    I am sure I will have no regrets.
  7. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member


    Wow...some of your statements you've made here Claire over the last couple days!! Certainly makes people like me, here on the ground in Brazil for a decade, that invests in property, just grin!

    It certainly appears that "claire" has "other" objectives. That's all I can say.
  8. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    So Claire, someone with a Phd is intelligent enough to know what Profit and Loss and payment means..I don't have any qualifications but I know how to use my nose and it certainly twitched when I read your statements....maybe I should go back to college and learn how to make money like you can without getting out of bed!
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  9. Gee69

    Gee69 New Member


    Can you eloborate on your comments.
    It's a surprise to note such comments especially when you have provided links to 2 Brazilian property sites.... LOL..

    Well by the way, what's your take on 'Turtle Bay' - Bahia?


  10. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Hello Claire - Did you go to see the land? I see it is some distance from the nearest beach and looks from the google pictures in the presentation to be in the middle of nowhere!! Hope you do not live to regret this 10000 pounds spent here! Just because they are selling at higher prices now, does not mean you can sell your plot. If you have an offer, at 30% profit, take it!!
  11. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member

    At least I'm upfront with my motives.

    You're right Gee....I do have financial motives in selling Brazil. And if you read my posts you'll plainly see that I certainly don't paint Brazil as a bed of roses with all upside and no risk....that's absurd. I plainly tell of all the unfortunate realities that exist in Brazil as well as the pleasant ones. And then when someone still decides that they want to buy a few years after the fact they can't say, "Well Ralph didn't tell me about that!"
  12. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    Meanwhile Claire's gone on the missing list...maybe she's gone off to bank her 30% profit?
  13. MikeC

    MikeC New Member

    We are developers buying land and well in touch with land prices in Nth East beaches around Fortaleza. Re Lots, teh comment about devlopers selling higher not 100% proof that prices have risen is in some part true as to sell at same price youchave a sales % to deduct from the RRP. What i have seen in my observations though is many lots start at 8-10k now sell for 16-20k+. I can not comment on the how/why of these though. What I can comment on is that devlopment sized lands of 4000M+ in areas like Taiba, Praia Das Fontes and others where we have projecst and we constantly reserach for opportunities has risen so much that we can no longer aquire land and execute projecst with the current market value of apartmenst concentrated at the RRP of 1000-1500 USD per M2 mark. Either land prices in these araes are going up very quickly or soembody is playing a very painfull joke on us. Take a look around teh web an dyour magazine stores, the amount of web sites and tourism press on Brazil is radically diferent than it was 2 years ago when i 1st started business here. I think ecomomic forces will slow thinsg a little now but you cant stop the force of Brazil as a largely under exposed destination correcting itself in the global markets of real estate and tourism.
  14. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    My experience in Brazil is that all you have to do is turn up there with blue eyes and blond hair and prices go through the roof, whether it's a can of coke or a 1000 hectares of land. You only have to get out of your rent a car and say "I want to buy land" and you are swamped with people just like a UN Aid truck that just turned up with a load of grain in the middle of Africa. Every Tom, Dick or Harry or is it Tomas, Ricardo and I don't know the Portuguese for Harry, wants to sell you something, they all think you are rich and they just quadrupled their price.

    There is a huge difference between the real market price that it is actually sold at and what people say it is worth. There is also a great deal of "hearsay" which is not fact but speculation. There is also a secondary market which is for locals and make no mistake their prices are lower than ours and even buying at their prices they inflate when trying to sell to foreigners. There appears to be "no rhyme nor reason" to prices being asked or quoted and that is why I am entirely cycnical about comments that say "we have heard" or "it is reported that" prices have increased etc etc. The market is all over the place there and the more you look into it the more confused you get. My take on this is very little quoted is real and most, due to the nature of themarket, is supposition. Yes if you bought 3 years or more ago, there has been a rise, but I don't believe that today having already experienced a mini boom and with the current strength of the Reis that these alleged increases can be justified. Those who are in today or have already purchased and are in for the long term i.e 10 years + may likely see considerable growth as Europe in particular has now been fuxxxx by similar claims, speculation and over hype so they have to go somewhere as you guys telling me that my fortune is only just round the corner in NE Brazil are not going to go away. But, if it was easy, they'd all be doing it and they are not. If they were, then you might get your alleged boom.
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  15. MikeC

    MikeC New Member

    Hi Clare. I am very interseted to talk with you re your background and basically resreach you may have done. I am on teh ground in Brazil (i am a developer) and can say that at times things are distorted here, in short trem we see unrealistic prices but generally i agree that Brazil is an excellent land bank location assuming of course you buy the right land ;>) Sadly we do see many bad purchases and also at present soem over optimistic land owners who seem to assuem teh next wave of golf courses and health spas has already arrived. I would welcome the opportunity to share any information with you.
  16. Gee69

    Gee69 New Member

    Can I have your views ?

    Ralph, Golfingworld 'n' all !!

    I need your views...

    I too have been of the opinion that ground reality in Brazil is not necessarily the rosy picure being painted by many..

    But now, Turtle Bay prices have been hiked by the developer as promised earlier...
    ...and I am being offered to buy a plot at the earlier price which is some 15% less... Well this is because I had shown interest earlier and in principle registered for it, though I havent paid a penny...

    Do you think it is a good offer ?

    I do get these doubts :

    1) If the demand is really so great, why not they sell it to someone at the current price instead of offering me at 15% less price

    2) Even in good faith on the developer, whatever price increae we are talking about are only the prices quoted by the developer. When it comes to selling your property, are there real takers and for the price we would quote ?

    3) The price Brazilian residents would pay for the same property would be much less... so they arent the ones who are gonna be the potential buyers when owners decide to sell in the open market !!


  17. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    Gee, simple answer...go to Brazil and ask these questions for yourself...don't sit in front of a pc screen and hope that you have found the new nirvana. Nothing is easy in life, least of all trying to make a fortune without doing any work.
  18. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member

    I think you already know the answers to all of your questions. When buying in Brazil be prepared to sell in Brazil. In other words, be prepared to sell to a Brazilian. Afterall, they are 99% of the market. So one better be prepared to find out exactly what the brazilian prices are on the property they're interested in. And most of the time it's not easy when you're a foreigner.
  19. kimba379

    kimba379 Guest

    Hi I am interested in buying raw land in N-East Brazil. Great if you can share the details and agent. Which area did you buy it? I live in Asia if you need any advice for this part of the world.
  20. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member

    We own raw land in Aracaju, Sergipe. Aracaju is 300 km's north of Salvador and 300 km's south of Maceio.

    There is a very nice piece of raw, beachfront, land that we have for sale currently.

    Invest Safely in Brazil With MJR

    Also in the next few days there will be another piece of raw, beachfront land that will be posted on the site that is for sale also in Aracaju.

    There is also another piece of raw land that we have available in Maceio, Alagoas.

    Invest Safely in Brazil With MJR

    Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

    [email protected]

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